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NRC Meeting Reminder

Posted August 19, 2016 at 7:23 AM

NRC Meet-and-Greet Meeting
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
7 p.m.
Conference Room, BCA Office

Normally held at the Harbour Pointe Clubhouse, please note the location of this meeting is the Conference Room, BCA Office.

This is an opportunity to share your neighborhood news and concerns as well as learn about the NRC. Bring a neighbor and join us!

Mark Your Calendars: NRC Meet-and-Greet Meeting

Posted August 5, 2016 at 1:57 PM

NRC Meet-and-Greet Meeting
Tuesday, August 23, 2016
7:00 p.m.
Conference Room, BCA Office

Bring a Brandermill neighbor and join us!

Highlights of August 1, 2016 BCA Board Meeting

Posted August 5, 2016 at 1:43 PM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Consideration of July 5, 2016 BCA Board Minutes

Director Pearson moved that the July 5, 2016 minutes be amended to reflect the BCA Board's request to have the County respond to its initial questions regarding the water adventure park as well as its follow-up questions. He felt receipt of the County's responses were important before the BCA Board could take a position on Waterford Park.

Director Pearson also moved to clarify that the name of the group conducting the personnel pay and employee benefits survey was Titan Group.

Director Hillman seconded the motion, and the Directors unanimously approved the July 5, 2016 minutes as amended.

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Member Voice

Becky Bennett (Chimney House) expressed her disappointment in the enforcement of Brandermill covenants in her neighborhood. She reported that one of her neighbor's activities included operation of a home daycare with improper supervision of children, blowing leaves into BCA open space, public drunkenness and noise, reckless driving and multiple unregistered vehicles parked in the driveway and around the home. Even with numerous calls to both the BCA and police, she felt there has been no improvement. She asked the BCA to respond to complaints and to address covenant violations.

Acting Manager Al Raimo responded that the BCA has been heavily involved with the neighbor and pointed out that some of the issues were police matters. He also stated that the BCA will assist to correct this situation.

Director Pearson commented that our covenants state that no member could have home-based businesses which generated traffic. The Directors have requested a legal opinion from the State Attorney General as to legality of that covenant. The Office of the Attorney General has agreed to submit that opinion to the BCA by the end of the year. Director Pearson also suggested that when Bennett talked to the police that she ask for the name and mailing address of their supervisor as a means of elevating attention to her case. He feels that the County has understaffed police for years.

Director Gregory asked Bennett to clearly document each incident as that would help the BCA to assist her.

Whit Southall (Chimney House) reported that he too lives adjacent to the same neighbor and had noticed grass growing on the roof, obscenities, noise, drunkenness and reckless driving. He expressed his deep concern for unsupervised children and his fear of someone being hit due to the neighbor's reckless driving. He added that he has documented with photos and videos of various violations and behavior (some of which were distributed to the Directors). He said he would not be moving and was willing to do whatever he needed to do to correct this situation because of the safety issue.

President Davis asked if the neighbor was a renter. The response was in the negative. President Davis asked how many people lived in the house, and Southall replied that there were 6-10 people, both family and friends. President Davis said he would have BCA security police check on the situation.

Terry Cox (Long Hill) reported that she lives behind the property of the violating neighbor and have noticed the BCA violations and bad behavior. She reported outdoor bonfires and operation of motorcycles spinning mud into the lake and backyards. She stated that the neighbor operated a landscaping business and that they had dumped leaves into BCA open space. Last winter she and other neighbors called the police when they noticed a dummy with a sign on him hanging from a tree. Today, she could see at least six vehicles as well as riding lawn mowers and a jet ski in the driveway.

Mary Jane Zander (McTyre’s Cove) expressed her concern about the neglect of proper landscaping maintenance at The Landing. Although she herself has done some landscape work at The Landing, weeds have grown up at the entrance to The Landing and were killing the plantings. She also reported dead bottom brush and expressed the importance of certain maintenance work being done during specific times of the year. She shared pictures that illustrated her points to the Directors.

Acting Manager Raimo responded that the BCA is meeting with the landscape contractor on August 10 to address the concerns reported by Zander.

Along the same lines of contractor maintenance, Director Hillman commented that the area around the neighborhood signs have weeds growing in them. In particular, she felt the areas where perennials had recently been planted were overwhelmed with weed growth. She also noted that the contractor was not cutting grass as they had been contracted to do.

Dan Pringle (Chimney House) spoke in support of what had just been reported concerning violations and bad behavior of a Chimney House neighbor. He was particularly concerned about the daycare issue as young unsupervised children are allowed to roam freely.

Director Hillman recalled that parents who leave their children unsupervised in a car are often given citations. She asked if there wasn't some regulation which protect young unsupervised children from roaming so freely. President Davis commented that it could be a social services issue and asked the members to return to the September BCA Board meeting if circumstances had not improved.

Blair Bennett (Chimney House) commented that they needed help to address the violations and bad behavior at one house in their neighborhood, adding the neighborhood is no longer beautiful due to the activities and violations at this property. He stated that the offending neighbor had confronted him and told him to not call the police. He noted that the residents of Chimney House are quickly losing their neighborhood.

With regards to maintenance, Bennett has found Danny Ramsey, head of BCA maintenance, to be very cooperative. He had contacted BCA maintenance about a plugged culvert. Ramsey, along with two maintenance staff, performed work which allowed drainage to flow more freely. Bennett was, however, surprised that they did not pick up the litter that was in the BCA open space while they were there.

President Davis asked what type of litter was present. Bennett replied that it was bottles, cups, candy wrappers and all different types of trash from the watershed. The waterway had been damaged, and Ramsey has been helpful in getting the County to fix the problem in his area.

President Davis responded that many of the complaints regarding the property in Chimney House are matters for the police and reiterated that the two police officers retained by the BCA would be made aware of the situation.

Director Pearson urged the Chimney House residents to report their complaints to the County via email in order to document a history of violations and behavior. He also suggested the neighbors take steps to ensure that the violations and behavior come to the attention of our County Supervisor and to make public statements at the County Board of Supervisor meetings. This would also elevate their case with the County police.

Director Friedel asked if there is an NRC Rep for the Chimney House. NRC Chair McNeal replied that currently there is no a NRC Rep for that neighborhood.

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President’s Report

President Davis reported on the progress VDOT is making with road repair in Brandermill, the most recent being work on Millridge Parkway. Additional road work will be performed in Brandermill Parkway.

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First Vice President’s Report

First Vice President Pearson stated that the Communications & Marketing Committee would be meeting on August 4 at 4 p.m. at the BCA Office and will continue to pursue a new website.

As Board Liaison to the Communications & Marketing Committee, Director Pearson recommended Samantha Dorr be approved as a voting member to the Communications & Marketing Committee. The motioned was seconded and unanimously approved.

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Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Friedel moved that Maria Slowe be approved as a new Finance Committee member. The motion was seconded and unanimously approved.

Treasurer Bob Friedel stated that he, John Cardea, Al Raimo and Danny Ramsey had looked at some the repairs needed in three sites: the BCA marina, the Sunday Park dock, and the Harbour Pointe pool and clubhouse. He will be suggesting repairs/modifications.

Director Friedel stated that originally it was anticipated the work at the marina be done in two parts: the dock in year 2020 and the electrical system in 2016. Review of bids on the marina have indicated that work on the dock and electrical system could be done more efficently and more cost-effectively if done concurrently. The cost of concurrently performing the work is quoted at $100K. If the marina work is performed in two parts, repair of the dock alone would cost approximately $200K. Treasurer Friedel recommended that, although the marina project was only budgeted for $50K this year, spending $100K at this time to complete the entire marina project would save $100K-$150K in the future.

President Davis asked if the work would be completed this year. Treasurer Friedel replied in the affirmative.

President Davis suggested that the BCA look into adding more slips at the marina in the future.

Director Gregory asked about the funding of the current proposed marina project. Acting Manager Raimo stated that due to some lower costs in projects planned for this year, the BCA could fund the marina project from the Replacement Reserve Fund while still maintaining the required the minimum level of $1 million.

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Directors' Report

Director Hillman asked about the status the street globes. President Davis, who has been working with Dominion Power, explained that there seems to be only one Dominion Power person standing in the way of culminating that deal. It was explained that the initial price for each street globe was $1,100, as Dominion Power expected the BCA to replace the entire lamp post. President Davis said this was not acceptable as the BCA only wants to replace the street globes. He will have a more definitive statement at the September Board meeting.

Director Gregory asked about the status the bucket truck and the tree trimming project. Acting Manager Raimo stated that the bucket truck was in the process of being revitalized and tree trimming project will begin shortly thereafter.

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Acting Manager’s Report

Acting Manager Raimo announced scheduling changes for two upcoming BCA Board of Director meetings: Tuesday, September 6 (after Labor Day) and Tuesday, November 1, 2016 (as Church will be preparing to serve as a voting precinct on that following Monday).

Acting Manager Raimo met with Charles Hutchins of Holladay Corporation regarding the proposed senior care facility at the site of the old Brandermill Inn. The developer will meet with the ARB at its August 9, 2016 meeting.

A new sound system and microphones had been ordered for use at BCA community meetings, and those should arrive in September/October.

A proposed 2017 budget schedule is included in the current Board Packet (see page 7 of August 1, 2016 Board packet). Acting Manager Raimo asked the Board to decide when they would like to receive community feedback and to hold a BCA Board workshop.

Director Pearson asked if the Abandoned Property report (see page 41 of August 1, 2016 Board packet) could include what is owed to the BCA. Acting Manager Raimo will investigate the publishing of this data.

Director Pearson noted that the rate of violations on owner-occupied homes is 7% compared to the rate of violations on rental properties which is 20%, adding that this rate of violations on rental properties is almost three times greater than owner-occupied properties. Acting Manager Raimo commented that the violation rate for rental properties may be somewhat inflated as it also included violations for rental registration.

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Committee Reports

NRC Chair Mamie McNeal on behalf of NRC Rep Hamid Ghorashi (Walkers Ferry) expressed appreciation to BCA Maintenance for unblocking the drain on Walker Ferry Road. As NRC Chair, she also asked that the community meetings on the 2017 budget could be moved forward on the calendar. She also felt holding one community meeting right before the BCA Directors approved the final budget was not sufficient.

Finance Committee First Vice Chair George Lawson indicated that although the Treasurer has the prerogative to nominate members to the Finance Committee for BCA Board approval, the Finance Committee did not vote to nominate the member; hence the Finance Committee could not have recommended the appointee. He also pointed out that the nominee cannot simultaneously serve on the Investment Subcommittee and Finance Committee.

Director Hillman questioned concurent service on the Investment Subcommittee and Finance Committee. Director Gregory believes since the Investment Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Finance Committee and not of the full Board, the Finance Committee could determine the guidelines for the Investment Subcommittee, particularly when it came to voting privileges. Director Hillman asked that the Finance Committee check on the nominee's ability to vote twice on potential investment strategies.

Acting Manager Raimo's understanding of serving on a subcommittee is that those members had to be a full voting member of the committee.

President Davis commented on the potential building of a bureaucracy, noting the creation of a Sunday Park Revitalization subcommittee within the Community Services Committee. Director Friedel reported that definition of these groups were time-determined, i.e., if a group is formed for a definitive timeframe, it should be called a task force whereas a subcommittee is on-going. An example of a subcommittee would be the Finance Committee's Investment Subcommittee as it is on-going.

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Consideration of Changes to the Job Description and Duties of the General Manager

Director Pearson presented an updated job description (see pages 49-51 of August 1, 2016 Board packet) with three recommended changes:

  1. The name of the position should be changed from Community Manager to General Manager.
  2. Delete reference to CARB (Commercial Architectural Review Board) as it no longer exists.
  3. Change in methodology by which pay increases are determined to reflect the General Manager recommending to the BCA Board that a pay survey be conducted.

Director Gregory suggested that references to "work quality improvements" not be included in the job description. Director Hillman commented that perhaps that should be listed in the new General Manager's goals; Directory Gregory concurred.

President Davis' comment that "the only things not included in the job description is the ability to push the red button for nuclear weapons and the ability to cook pancakes" indicated his perspective that the job description is all-inclusive. President Davis then moved and Director Gregory seconded that the presented job description be approved.

Director Hillman stated that she would prefer the last sentence in the Qualifications section be changed to indicate that previous communication association management experience is "preferred" rather than "is desirable". Director Friedel asked what difference the word "preferred" made. Director Gregory explained that "preferred" indicated a qualification, if not already attained, must be attained.

Director Friedel asked if the administration activities of the association also include its operations activities. Director Pearson reiterated that the changes made to the job description were the three stated earlier. He believes that the previous job description was written by prior Community Manager Mike Davita who held a very logistical outlook, and therefore administrative activities would definitely include operations.

Director Hillman questioned the similarities of the third and fifth bullet points under the Responsibilities section. It was unclear to her what the difference might be between "develop and make recommendations on … benefits and salaries/wages for all BCA employees" and "advising the BCA Board when a pay increase or survey should be considered". Director Pearson stated the intent of the third bullet was to address addition of new employees whereas the fifth bullet addressed the issue of pay surveys.

Director Hillman asked for clarification on the issue of the General Manager not having to ask the BCA Board for authority to give employee pay increases, adding she felt this was somewhat micro-managing. President Davis commented that with pay surveys, updated job descriptions and salary ranges would be available. Director Pearson noted that as BCA is working on reducing its expenses and as salaries are its highest cost, he felt it advisable for the Board President and the General Manager to review employee salaries at this time. Director Friedel, citing the auditors, noted that "bad things" can occur without proper oversight. Director Pearson suggested adding the word "additional" to the third bullet so that it would read: "Develop and make recommendations to the BCA Board on additional organizational needs and resources, staff requirements, program requirements, benefits and salaries/wages for all BCA employees."

The General Manager's Job Description and Duties were unanimously approved as amended.

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Report and Discussion on Process Related to the Hiring Search for a General Manager

To emphasize transparency to the community, Director Pearson presented the hiring process (see pages 52-53 of August 1, 2016 Board packet) and advertising for the General Manager vacancy. A committee of three to include Directors Ann Hunt, Greg Pearson and Bob Friedel will receive resumes of potential candidates and conduct initial reviews and interviews. Search Committee Chair Greg Pearson reported that the search process would include running a recruitment ad (see page 54 of August 1, 2016 Board packet) in The Chesterfield Observer, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and The Village Mill as well as posting on the Brandermill and Community Association Institute websites. Interested candidates should apply by September 1.

Director Hillman asked if a hyperlink to the job description could be added to the ad. Director Pearson felt it might be better if we didn't as he wanted as many applicants as possible, noting the last search for a community manager yielded 43 candidates. Director Hillman wondered if applicants would apply if they didn't see a job description. Director Gregory suggested putting the job description on the Brandermill website, but Director Pearson felt that it would hinder prospective applicants from applying because the job description is so encompassing.

Director Nardella felt the job description should not be posted on the Brandermill website as his past experience indicated a person's initiative to seek more information was a reflection of his personality and his interest in a position.

President Davis felt that with the description of the size of Brandermill, the salary range, employment benefits, and the size of staff being presented in the ad, the scope of the General Manager's job description is implied.

Director Hillman suggested that applicant email responses be automatically forwarded to all three members of the Search Committee. Director Pearson concurred with this suggestion.

Director Pearson, continuing to describe the process, stated that once the Search Committee has reviewed the initial applications, it would decide on the 10 best candidates. These candidates would be sent the full job description and three questions regarding issues currently facing the community. The Search Committee will then narrow the search to the top five candidates and interview them by phone or Skype. At the conclusion of these interviews, the top three candidates would be selected, and at this point the full BCA Board would participate in the selection process. The top three candidates would be invited to meet all the BCA Directors, and the final interview would be conducted in-person with the full Board. Thereafter, the BCA President will negotiate with the prime candidate regarding salary, and the BCA Board would then make a final decision. Further personnel details of the process was to be discussed in executive session.

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Discussion of the Proposed Water Adventure Park

President Charlie Davis advised that the Planning Commission is scheduled to address the proposed water adventure park at its August 16 meeting, but a request for deferral to September is likely to be made by the developer. The County has taken a keen interest in water quality to minimize potential public safety issues.

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