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2014 HEAR What the Candidates Had to Say

Posted March 16, 2014 at 10:42 PM
If you missed the NRC's annual "Meet the Candidates" event on March 13, 2014, you now have the opportunity to hear how the three BCA Board candidates answered questions posed by meeting attendees. Participating candidates were Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman and Greg Pearson.

Aided by the NRC Board of Officers (Kathy Cantrell, Carla Barnes, and George Lawson), NRC Chair Joe Herbst moderated this question-and-answer event. The order in which the candidates responded to each of the questions below is indicated by the sequence of their names - the first to answer being at the left of the list. To hear a candidate's response to a particular question, click his name directly below the question/picture. Note: Your computer will need to be able to play .mp3 recordings.

The NRC thanks the participating candidates and especially thanks all the residents who attended this meeting and submitted the following questions.

Opening Statements

Graham Henderson Frances Hillman Greg Pearson

Questions Answered by Candidates

1. What would you do to improve the Standards and Covenant enforcement and the follow-up procedures?
Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson.
2. How do you feel about the proposed BCA committee structure?
Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson.
3. For the 2014 budget, the Board of Directors rejected an assessment increase in quarterly dues. As a member of the Board, would you have voted for or against an assessment increase?
Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman.
4. How are you going to bridge the gap between the Board and the residents to minimize the “Us versus Them” feeling?
Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson.
5. Several recent issues facing the Board have received coverage in the local media. Are you concerned about negative press coverage and what role do you think the Board should take in responding to or managing press coverage?
Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson.
6. What is the difference between a BCA Standard and a BCA Covenant?
Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman.
7. The Board has dealt with several appears this past year from residents regarding violations of the BCA’s Design Standards. How important do you see the role of the ARB and what importance will you place upon enforcing the approval process relative to the Standards?
Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson.
8. How do you propose to update Brandermill to attract new families?
Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson.
9. There have been two tragedies involving large trees being blown onto residences in Brandermill, the most recent occurring last night. In view of these serious incidents and other inevitable similar occurrences in the future, do you favor allowing residents far greater leeway in the removal of trees, regardless of size in order to reduce the possibility of more tree-caused damages?
Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman.
10. What is your opinion of the BCA website in terms of its marketing capability and its functionality for residents to get information?
Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson.
11. Do you support language in the Standards to allow front yard vegetable gardens?
Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman.
12. What do you think we need to spend money other than the pools?
Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson.
13. As a past Boar member, I remember the difficulty in having residents volunteer for committees. Then the Master Plan was approved. The community was excited about our future; they began serving on committees. Recently with the announced changes in committee structure, committee members are confused and committees are in limbo. What would you do to change their uncertainty?
Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson.
14. Under what circumstances do you think the Board should not enforce covenants?
Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman
15. Do you think the Board should change the Standards based on a single resident case, as in the recent garden and awning appeal cases?
Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson.
16. All of this year’s candidates have served the Brandermill community. What do you think has been your most important contribution?
Frances Hillman, Greg Pearson, Graham Henderson.
The next two questions were asked from the meeting floor to specific candidates.
17. Matt Ritter (Court Ridge) to Greg Pearson regarding article in February 2014 issue of Chesterfield Monthly
Ritter to Pearson.
18. Marie Stella (Cove Ridge) to Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman and Greg Pearson regarding BCA Directors speaking in public forum
Stella to Henderson, Hillman and Pearson.

Closing Remarks

Frances Hillman Greg Pearson Graham Henderson

Proxies/ballots will be mailed on March 21, 2014, and the BCA Annual Meeting will be held on April 21, 2014. Please remember to VOTE!

Highlights of March 5, 2014 BCA Board Meeting

Posted March 11, 2014 at 6:38 PM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

President's Report

President O'Hanley commented on tentative plans for Brandermill's 40th Anniversary celebrations such as hosting an event for every season: spring (around Mother's Day), summer (July 5th Brandermill reunion with live music), fall (Oktoberfest) and winter (about December 25 with tree lighting, Santa and cookies). She also thanked our Maintenance Department for the excellent job they did on snow removal.

Community Manager's Report

Community Manager Bailey reminded members to go to the Brandermill website to receive the new weekly Brandermill Online Newsletter. He reported that advertising is now available in the newsletter. He also encouraged residents to contribute to the Online Newsletter by submitting photos and Brandermill stories. On-going work has begun at the North Beach Pool, and new coping will be installed beginning on Monday, March 10. Maintenance and upgrades will also begin soon at the other two pools.

Pool promotional materials are also being mailed to non-Brandermill residents, and an ad will be placed in the "Summer Fun" edition of the Chesterfield Observer. So far, pool memberships total $29,500 versus $34,000 at this time last year. It should be noted, however, that 108 family memberships have been sold versus 78 last year. Manager Bailey believes this shows that members are taking advantage of the new fee structure, and he expects 2014 total sales will ultimately surpass last year's sales. Manager Bailey also reminded members that we have a new and very different fee structure (lower costs) to join the pools and encouraged members to join by Friday to receive 10 free pool guest passes.

Director Hillman asked about the cluster mailboxes and wondered if the BCA could replace the cluster and then proceed with the violation process for those who have not yet paid. Manager Bailey reported that the BCA has not been directed to do so but such a directive would be welcome. He also stated that 248 violation notices have been sent regarding the old mailboxes which are not yet converted to comply with the new standard.

Member Voice

Joyce Rowe (Shallowford Landing) had her comments read into the record by President O'Hanley. Rowe supports Mr. Borowski's appeal to the BCA Board to keep the awning on his home in Shallowford Landing. She commented that he keeps his home in good condition and that the awning has a good appearance.

Dr. Robert Friedel (Winterberry Ridge) noted that the statement he was about to read also reflected comments from past BCA President Joyce Rowe's opinion. Dr. Friedel is a past BCA Board Director. With regards to the Roberts' request for a conditional use permit, (1) he urged the BCA Board to make a unanimous statement to the County for support of our covenants, indicating that our covenants represent a "sacred" agreement between the members and the Association; and (2) he stated that covenants can only be changed by the membership, not by the BCA Board and that this process should start with the appropriate committee. He concluded his remarks by saying that those who disagree with the covenants should conduct themselves civilly.

George Lawson (Huntsbridge) expressed strong opposition to the Roberts' request. He noted that Roberts has violated the covenants for over 10 years. He emphasized that this is not a "Standards" issue but rather a "Covenants" issue. He reminded the members that it requires a successful referendum of the membership to change the covenants. He urged the BCA Board to show backbone regarding enforcement of Covenant 2a and noted that there were no "gray areas" in that Covenant.

Kara Ritter (Court Ridge) commented that one of the 500+ other Brandermill home-based businesses which violate the Brandermill covenants included a home-based business operated by Director Bettin's wife. She supports the operation of these professional businesses and noted that they offer value-added services that bring people to our community. She noted that the BCA Board could not pick-and-choose which home-based businesses to impose the covenants; "it's either all or nothing." She urged the BCA Board to consider the impact of not supporting home-based businesses in Brandermill and to support Roberts' request.

Rosemary Hardwich (Planter's Wood) commented that Roberts' licensed daycare on her street is not a concern. She noted that she herself is a licensed child care professional and that she has always recommended Roberts' home day care.

Steven Hardwich (Planter's Wood) spoke in support of Roberts' request to the BCA Board. He commented that there are no traffic concerns. He requested that the BCA Board represent the residents without hypocrisy, citing a home-based business owned by a Director's wife, and urged the Directors to be fair.

Terry Earnest (North Point) noted that the Roberts watch some of his grandchildren. He said that he didn't envy the BCA Board's task to decide in the Roberts' case but wondered how they will police other home-based businesses.

Hasson Roberts (Planter's Wood), son of Joni Roberts, described himself as a young, impassioned resident. He noted that nine people on their street are saying that there are no traffic concerns caused by the Roberts' home daycare business, and only one resident on the street saying that there were traffic concerns. Hasson Roberts expressed his opinion that the BCA Board could not start enforcement of the covenants on this issue and reminded the BCA Board that there is broad social support for the Joni Roberts as expressed through press coverage and on various social media.

Howard Roberts (Planter's Wood), husband of Joni Roberts, noted that the community has heard pros and cons related to the Roberts' home daycare business. He commented that he graduated from college in 1975 and reminded the BCA Board that much has changed. Among these changes, he said, are many new "virtual offices" and home-based businesses. He commented that this issue has created pressure to move the daycare business to a commercial location but said that this move would cause the Roberts' business to lose its personal touch. He closed by saying that the Directors should not differentiate between different types of home-based businesses and emphasized that the Directors must treat all equally.

Scott McDowell (Shadow Ridge) stated that we live in a society of rules. He asked the BCA Board to consider the question; "If we don't enforce this covenant, which ones do we enforce?"

Joni Roberts (Planter's Wood) reminded the Directors of Manager Bailey's earlier remarks concerning a "wall" between the BCA Board and the community. She said that her application for support from the BCA Board has been caught between the community and the Board. She talked about the numerous expressions of support that she had received from all over the country and feels that our reputation is as stake. She stated that the BCA Board's failure to support her application for a conditional use permit would cause financial disaster for her family. She went on to say that newer planned communities are approving family daycare homes, and Brandermill needs to do so to stay competitive. She reminded the BCA Board that all of her adjacent neighbors support her application and that the conditional use permit has a time limit of five years. She noted that the County Board of Supervisors has deferred her case until April and asked the BCA Board to do the same. She asked the BCA Board to either approve her conditional use permit or table their decision until a higher government entity (i.e., Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors) can review and rule on her application. She concluded by saying that a denial of her request should put Brandermill in a bad light, and affirming her request would put Brandermill in a competitive posture to attract young families.

Presentation by Swift Creek Elementary School

Principal Peggy Innes thanked the Brandermill community for its support of the school's fundraising efforts to renovate and update their playgrounds. They have currently collected about $20,000, with each playground costing approximately $35,000-$40,000. They look forward to moving ahead with one playground in the near future.

Vice Principal Bruce Fillman spoke about the school's upcoming fundraising project: The Great Gator 5K and Kid's Fun Run (see pages 26-27 of the March 3, 2014 Board Information Packet). Fillman indicated that the funds from project are applied to Swift Creek Elementary School's technology needs. He stated that since the school does not receive Title I funds, all purchases above what Chesterfield County School Board allocates to them must be made from within the school and the community. Presently they have about $14,000 towards this initiative, and the funds will be used to purchase iPads, iPods, document cameras and smart boards.

The Great Gator 5K and Kid's Fun Run will be held on April 26, 2014, with the Kids Fun Run starting at 8:30 a.m. and the 5K race beginning at 9:30 a.m. To sign-up or to learn more about The Great Gator 5K and Kid's Fun Run event, visit

Manager Bailey suggested that residents sign up to receive Brandermill e-mail blasts so that they may be aware of the trails to be used by these runners. President O'Hanley asked that residents be careful if walking or running on the roads.

Reconsideration of Request of Support by Mrs. Joni Roberts Regarding Family Daycare Home

Director Hillman made a motion to reaffirm the May 2003 decision of the BCA Board of Directors to deny support for Mrs. Roberts' request for a conditional use permit to operate a family daycare home in her residence. The motion was seconded by Director Malek.

Director Blom commented that the BCA Board was not voting to shut down the Roberts' home-based business and noted that the BCA Board needed to deal with the questions of broad enforcement of the covenant regarding home-based businesses in Brandermill. He noted that he supports Roberts' application and stated that the BCA Board has three options: (1) the BCA Board could support Roberts' application; (2) the BCA Board could do nothing while it works to sorting out how to implement broad enforcement; and (3) the BCA Board could oppose her application. Director Blom felt the third option (represented by the motion under consideration) is a bad choice for Brandermill in terms of attracting younger families.

Director Hillman responded that the BCA Board may not agree with the existing covenants and could do something to try to make changes to the covenant.

Director Bettin noted that he sympathizes with the Roberts. He said, however, that there is a difference between Roberts operating her home daycare business and his wife operating her home-based counseling business. The difference is that the Bettin's didn't know their business violated the covenants. He noted that they had not thought of one car as "traffic" and had spoken to someone at the BCA offices who led them to believe that a home-based counseling business would not be a problem. He closed by saying that he wanted people to know that they had never been trying to "get away with something".

President O'Hanley said that she is sympathetic to the Roberts. She noted that her three children had all attended home daycare. She stated, however, that as an elected official of the community, she must uphold the covenants. She indicated that the survey conducted by the Association did not show support for a successful referendum to change this portion of the covenants.

The question was then asked, and the motion passed by a vote of 5:1 to deny support for Roberts's application to the County for a conditional use permit. President O'Hanley, Directors Davis, Malek, Leonard and Hillman voted yes, Director Blom voted no, and Director Bettin abstained.

Appeal Hearing of Mr. Todd Borawski

Manager Bailey generally described this standards violation case as Mr. Todd Borwaski having installed an awning on his home prior to seeking ARB approval. Later when he did apply for ARB approval, the application was denied. In the ensuing appeal process, the ARB denied the request for awning approval a second time. Borwaski then requested to have his case heard before the BCA Board. (For more details, see pages 20-25 of the March 3, 2014 Board Information Packet.)

Prior to speaking on behalf of the ARB, Chair Andy Wyman handed additional information to the BCA Directors. To begin review of the ARB's position on the case, Chair Wyman stated, "the rules are the rules, and the Design Standards are borne from the covenants. We are a planned community, and we must abide by the Standards." Chair Wyman then directed the BCA Directors to look at item #6 in Mr. Borawski's letter (see page 22 of the March 3, 2014 Board Information Packet). He said he didn't understand the reference to "any mean spirit" involved in the ARB's decision, saying that the committee consists of seven residents who volunteer five hours a month to the community and who are of varying backgrounds. The committee uses the Standards as the basis to make objective decisions, and their approval rate is above 90%. He continued by saying that even if the ARB denies an application, the members work with the applicant to achieve approval within the Standards.

Chair Wyman cited Section 4.6.8 of the Residential Design Standards (see page 25 of the March 3, 2014 Board Information Packet) which prohibits the use of awnings in the front of the house. Referencing one of the handouts given to the Directors, Chair Wyman argued that when the house was built in 1988, the front of the house was designated at the front elevation to the street, although the main entrance to the house is located on the side. He expressed the ARB's concern dealt with the streetscape.

Chair Wyman addressed Borawski's statement that "it's not an awning but a cover for his balcony." According to the Residential Design Standards ("Standards"), Chair Wyman continued, all elements of a house must match the materials and style of the main house per Section 4.6.12 (see page 25 of the March 3, 2014 Board Information Packet). Canvas roofs or roofing materials are not permitted in Brandermill, and Chair Wyman said, the columns of the structure also do not match the architecture of the house.

Chair Wyman also said, if the Directors were to consider Borawski's side elevation to indicate the front of the house, then the existing screened-in porch would have to be removed, as it would not be allowed on the front of the house. Chair Wyman concluded by stating that the ARB's decision was made objectively and based on the existing Standards.

Director Davis asked if "every house in Brandermill looked liked the Borawski house, ... don't you think we'd have to build another building to house all the national awards? ... Do you ride through Brandermill? Do you see dilapidated properties? .... Why does the ARB 'land on him' when we've got so many other dilapidated properties that need to be fixed?"

Chair Wyman responded, "We are the ARB. We are there to review applications; we are not your covenant enforcement. If you have issues with the conditions of homes, then that is an issue with the BCA and covenant enforcement."

Director Davis commented that he understood, but it didn't make common sense. Chair Wyman agreed that the house was well-kept but that the present Standards prohibited awnings. "Of course, you can always change the Standards," he added. Chair Wyman stated that the ARB could only approve or disapprove applications based on existing Standards; else they would be charged with malfeasance. Director Davis asked if house color approval was a task of the ARB. Chair Wyman responded affirmatively. Director Davis then asked how there came to be houses painted cobalt blue, yellow and green. Chair Wyman replied that color is subjective; "color is tough."

Director Davis asked if, outside of the one ARB member who is also Borawski's neighbor, had there been complaints about the awning? Chair Wyman felt this question was irrelevant as awnings are prohibited in the current Standards. Director Davis felt it an important question as the BCA Board needed to rule on this appeal. Chair Wyman warned that if the Directors ruled in favor of Mr. Borawski's request, it would be setting precedence, and other homeowners would be allowed to have awnings. This would also imply that the Standards needed to be changed, which Chair Wyman acknowledged, was within the purview of the BCA Board.

Mr. Borawski began his presentation to the BCA Board by saying he was not aware of any complaints by his neighbors, outside of the one neighbor who is also on the ARB. Borawski stated that when he purchased the house in 2007 for $424,000, the neighboring ARB member had made it known to him that he did not like Borawski, and Borawski feels this has become a personal vendetta. Borawski offered to show the original blueprints of the house to Directors. When he was originally shown the house by the previous owner, it was made clear to him that the front door which opened into a foyer was on the side of the house. The awning, which faces the street, was installed because during the summer, the heat made it unbearable for him to enjoy his porch.

Borawski stated that he has been a Brandermill resident for 30 years and had always thought that if you bought a house, you needed to maintain and upgrade it, bringing the neighborhood standards up. He stated that he had an awning in Steeple Chase with no one saying anything about it; he painted his home in Nuttree Woods and no one had said anything about it. He feels that the work he's done on his home in Shallowford Landing is proper and appropriate, that the home is probably the most expensive in the neighborhood and that it is definitely the prettiest home in the neighborhood. He urged the Directors to use common sense in evaluating his case, especially since awnings can be found throughout Brandermill.

President O'Hanley asked if the awning were shown in the blueprints he brought to the presentation. Borawski responded in the negative. He said that the first ARB denial indicated that awnings were not allowed on the front of the house. That was when he pulled the blueprints to indicate that the front door was actually located on the side of the house.

Director Leonard asked if the blueprints indicated presence of a porch, which Borawski replied in the affirmative. President O'Hanley asked if the porch was approved, and Borawski stated that it was designated on the original blueprints. Director Leonard, upon examining the seal on the blueprints, indicated that the plans had been approved by the County. Borawski indicated that he had made over $100,000 improvements to his home.

Chair Wyman, in rebuttal, stated that both ARB denials (see page 23 of the March 3, 2014 Board Information Packet) were supported by unanimous vote. The screened-in porch was approved because it was assumed that the front of the house was the facade that faced the street. It is permitted have a screened-in porch on the side of the house, and Chair Wyman noted the letter written to the previous owner indicated such.

Director Davis moved to approve Borawski's awning; the motion was seconded by Director Malek.

Director Hillman said she struggled with her decision as the house does look nice but she would have preferred a permanent roof over the porch instead of an awning. She expressed a concern that the paint on the awning would fade whereas a permanent roof would maintain its appearance longer. Borawski indicated that the paint on the awning is of commercial grade and is guaranteed to not fade. He also said that the awning is mounted and that the existing poles were just a personal preference on his part.

Director Davis commented that if the awning becomes faded or torn, it would be a separate issue from the one presently being considered. Director Hillman agreed.

President O'Hanley gave permission to ARB member Graham Henderson to speak, as he was not allowed the opportunity prior to the motion being made. Henderson stated that the ARB does not make arbitrary decisions but rather their decisions are made objectively, based on the existing Standards. He cited the architect's letter which indicated that the front of the house faced the street. Current Standards indicate that you cannot place an awning on the front of the house.

President O'Hanley stated that she was present at the meeting when the Borawski house color was voted upon, and Henderson had voted against the color. Henderson responded that color is a subjective issue. He had considered the proposed color to be black whereas other ARB members considered it gray. He is concerned that deep dark colors may now appear on Brandermill homes, whereas in the past, colors were more along the rustic (e.g., tans, greens) spectrum.

Director Davis asked Henderson about his making statements about subjectivity, especially as both he and Chair Wyman had said that ARB decisions were made objectively based on the Standards. Henderson responded that color was subjective, but denial of the awning was not subjective, as it is clearly stated in the Standards that such are prohibited on the front of the house.

Borawski in rebuttal stated that there were houses in Shallowford Trace and Cove Ridge whose paint was the same as his and that these homes were painted prior to his. His awning is red because he was trying to color-coordinate it with a red umbrella which is always present on his porch.

There being no further discussion among the Directors, President O'Hanley called the question. The BCA Board voted 4:2:1 (voting for: President O'Hanley, Directors Davis, Malek and Bettin; voting against: Directors Hillman and Leonard; and abstaining: Blom) to approve Borawski's application for an awning.

Landscape Management Service Contract

Manager Bailey described the process by which a landscape management service contractor was selected: (1) RFP was issued to over a dozen vendors and six proposals were received; (2) RFP responses/proposals were reviewed by a group consisting of himself, Danny Ramsey, President O'Hanley, Director Leonard, Dianne Cardea, Judy Malek and Kevin Healey (Grant Miller served as an advisor to the group); (3) three proposals were chosen and the proposing firms interviewed; and (4) the review group voted to determine its recommendation (Ruppert Landscaping) to the BCA Board.

Manager Bailey indicated that the RFP was much more inclusive than in the past, adding mowing areas of the Hull Street front entrance up to the gardens and the three pools areas and grass seeding along with turf applications, aeration and lime. Ruppert Landscaping has agreed to perform all RFP services for approximately $197,000/year. Manager Bailey asked that the BCA Board approve an expenditure for 22 months of no more than $200,000/year for landscaping services.

Director Davis so moved.

Director Malek asked if the $200,000 was for the length of the contract; Manager Bailey replied that it was a yearly cost.

Directors Leonard and Hillman asked Manager Bailey to clarify the terms of the contract, and Manager Bailey replied the contract would begin March 1, 2014 and end on December 31, 2015. He further clarified that the contract would be $200,000 through December 31, 2014 and another $200,000 through December 31, 2015.

Director Hillman asked how the contract would be funded. Manager Bailey replied that $135,000 was already allocated in the 2014 budget for this work, leaving a shortfall of $65,000 for this year which he could manage to pay from 2014 existing funds.

Director Leonard asked why the BCA needed to pay $200,000 for only 10 months of 2014. Manager Bailey replied that regardless of when the work was started, the complete services still had to be done.

Director Bettin seconded Director Davis' motion to approve an expenditure for 22 months of no more than $200,000/year for landscaping services.

President O'Hanley spoke highly of this landscape contractor, citing that they also perform such work at Hallsley. She added that Ruppert Landscaping is a great family-owned business from Maryland and that their references all referred to Ruppert Landscaping as being a "premiere" landscaping firm. She also learned that there was a property manager who accompanied the work crews and that they were quick to respond to any problems.

Director Hillman asked what infrastructure existed within the BCA to oversee the work of the contractor. Manager Bailey replied that he and Danny Ramsey presently perform those duties. Director Hillman stated that in the past, she felt the BCA did not adequately oversee the work of contractors. Manager Bailey bluntly said that he did not think there was any oversight at all and that has now changed. Director Hillman asked if that responsibility should befall the community manager or if that should be delegated to staff.

The BCA Directors unanimously voted to authorize the expenditure.

Consideration of New Capital Requests for Maintenance Department Equipment

Director Davis made a motion to approve acquisition of four Motorola digital communication radios for $1,560 and a leaf blower for $7,395. Director Malek seconded the motion. (For more detailed information, see page 28-31 of the March 3, 2014 Board Information Packet.)

Director Hillman asked why this request was being made at this point in time, rather than during last year's budgeting process. Manager Bailey stated that cell phones had been used in the past, but connectivity is not always good, if even available. The leaf blower was first demonstrated to Staff in November of last year when the budgeting process will well underway. Director Hillman suggested that going forward, these types of things be considered during the budgeting process.

Director Leonard asked who would be using this equipment. Manager Bailey stated that it would be used by the Maintenance Department in their work with maintaining the trails and the parks.

Director Davis asked if the RFP specified the areas to be maintained by the contractor in which Manager Bailey replied that they were given a map to designate the areas.

The BCA Board voted unanimously to approve these purchases.

Come and Meet the 2014 Candidates

Posted March 7, 2014 at 3:57 PM
On Thursday, March 13 at 7 p.m., the NRC will hold its "Meet the Candidates" program at Harbour Pointe Clubhouse, where three candidates running for the BCA Board will be presented to meeting attendees. Conducted in a town hall-meeting format, the program will consist of a Q&A session with three candidates: Graham Henderson, Frances Hillman and Greg Pearson

At the meeting, attendees will be given cards on which they may write their questions. NRC Chair Joe Herbst will read the questions to each candidate who will have 2-3 minutes to respond. At the conclusion of the questions, all three candidates will be given the opportunity to summarize their platform. Mark your calendars now and plan to attend!
Thursday, March 13
7:00 p.m.
Harbour Pointe Clubhouse

Graham Henderson

Frances Hillman

Greg Pearson
Biographical Sketch: A resident of Brandermill since 1987, Graham Henderson lives in Promontory Pointe with his wife Donna. Employment: Graham Henderson & Associates, principal, 32 years. Previous employment: Hulcher & Henderson, partner, 4 years; American Engineers, associate partner, 12 years. Education: Portsmouth College of Technology, Portsmouth, England, HNC civil engineering, 1960; PE, Virginia, 1967; LS, Virginia, 1976. Biographical Sketch: A resident of Brandermill since 1980, Frances Hillman lives in Huntgate Woods with her husband Al. Employment: Express Employment, staffing consultant, 1 year. Previous employment: System 4, outside sales, 2 years; Coverall, outside sales, 8 years; Curtis 1000, Inc., administrative manager, 25 years. Education: Virginia Commonwealth University, Certificate in Management, 1980; Sandler Sales Institute, President’s Club, 2007. Biographical Sketch: A resident of Brandermill since 1978, lives in McTyre’s Cove. Employment: Local News, LLC, president, 19 years. Previous employment: Media Buying Associates, president, 8 years; S&K Famous Brands, senior vice-president/marketing & advertising, 7 years. Education: DePauw University, BS degree, 1966. Military: U.S. Air Force, captain, 1966-1971.
Community Service & Memberships: BCA ARB/CARB; American Society of Civil Engineers; Brandermill Sailing Club (commodore, current treasurer); Construction Specifications Institute (past Technical Chair, Richmond chapter); Virginia Society of Professional Engineers (past president of the Richmond chapter); Fishing Bay Yacht Club (former member, log streamer, docks & grounds chairman). Community Service & Memberships: BCA Board of Directors, 2010-2013; Neighborhood Residents Council, 3 years; Journey Christian Church member. Community Service & Memberships: Chesterfield County Chamber of Commerce (former board member); Chesterfield Business Council; Midlothian Business Alliance; Virginia Press Association; Brandermill Community Association (board member 2000-2001); Neighborhood Residents Council, 1990s; Village Mill Review Committee, 1995.
Areas of Experience & Expertise: “As a longtime resident of Brandermill, I have served as a member of the Commercial Architectural Review Board since 2000, and the combined ARB/CARB for the past 5 years.” Areas of Experience & Expertise: BCA Board of Directors, 4 years (2 years as treasurer); Neighborhood Residents Council, 3 years (2 years as secretary, 1 year as chair); treasurer of 2 different churches, 14 years combined service; administrative manager of a $7MM division of a national company, 25 years; sales consultant in two industries, 13 years combined service. Areas of Experience & Expertise: “I have demonstrated management ability by owning the largest weekly newspaper in Virginia, two monthly county magazines and an advertising agency since 1990. Prior to that, I served on an executive team that ran a retail men’s wear company, and was vice-president/general manager of two Richmond radio stations and the Virginia News Network.”
Reasons for Running: “Brandermill is a beautiful place to live, and I would like to work to continue its natural feeling and keep the lake as pristine as possible by reducing siltation and invasive weeds.” Reasons for Running: “I have lived in Brandermill for 35 years and want to give back to the community I love.” Reasons for Running: “I have had the pleasure of calling Brandermill home for 36 years. My responsibilities for the companies I own have lessened, giving me time to give back to Brandermill.”
Community Interests: “Maintaining and extending the bike paths to link Harbour Pointe with the main core of Brandermill. Working to maintain our covenants and standards.” Community Interests: “My major areas of interest are: Determine best practice for community standards; implement policies & procedures to increase property values; develop best solutions for pool management; provide leadership to maintain Brandermill’s premier status.” Community Interests: “Working with other board members to resolve policy issues today and in the future. My marketing background should be of assistance in helping Brandermill determine its position in the real estate marketplace.”
Candidate information courtesy of Brandermill Community Association

March 3, 2014 BCA Board Meeting Rescheduled

Posted March 3, 2014 at 11:51 AM
Due to inclement weather, the BCA Board meeting originally scheduled for Monday, March 3, 2014 has been rescheduled to Wednesday, March 5. The meeting will be held at Harbour Pointe Clubhouse. It is anticipated that the open session of this meeting will begin at approximately 7:00 p.m., as the BCA Directors will be holding an executive session, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Information Packet for March 3, 2014 BCA Board Meeting

Posted March 3, 2014 at 11:51 AM
Information packet for the upcoming BCA Board meeting is now available for downloading.

Please note that this Board meeting will be held in the Fellowship Hall of The Brandermill Church (4500 Millridge Parkway). It is anticipated that the open session of this meeting will begin at approximately 7:00 p.m., as the BCA Directors will be holding an executive session, beginning at 6:00 p.m.

Agenda items of interest include:
  • Reconsideration of Request of Support by Mrs. Joni Roberts regarding family day home,
  • Appeal Hearing of Mr. Todd Borawski,
  • Presentation by Swift Creek Elementary School Principal - Mrs. Peggy Innes,
  • Consideration of Proposal for Landscape Management Services, and
  • Consideration of New Capital Requests - Maintenance Department Equipment (Radio Communications and Leaf Blower)
We encourage residents to attend BCA Board meetings to learn of Brandermill "happenings". For a quick snapshot of what the BCA Board will be discussing, please read the agenda located on the first page of the Board Packet.