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Highlights of July 17, 2013 BCA Board Work Sessions

Posted July 27, 2013 at 12:33 AM

Member Voice

James Hanifer (Shallowford Landing) made the following short statement regarding a safety issue about the 4th of July parade. “... I wish to make a short statement regarding a safety issue involving our traditional great 4th of July parade. No. 1, I am a father, grandfather and great grandfather. I am also an active member of the Old Dominion Historical Fire Society that participates each year in our community parade. We are the last unit, and the crowds stay as the vintage fire apparatus is poplar with all ages.

My area of concern is: This past parade I was riding in the officer’s seat on one of the many trucks in the parade. After passing the judges’ station, we were on a one-lane road of Millridge Parkway. On both sides of the one-lane road, children were not restrained and were in the road on both sides. There was literally only inches from the apparatus wheels to these small children. Our apparatus drivers had to exercise additional caution as at any second a child could bolt and be crushed. From my vintage point of elevation, I feel compelled to alert the Board so that parents can be alerted to avert any further tragedy.”

BCA Board Discussion on Pools

Manager Bailey distributed information about BCA pool memberships. He noted that pool memberships increased from 2006 through 2009 but has declined from 2010 to 2013. He commented that during 2006-2009, the BCA had made arrangements with other communities that did not have their own pools to join the BCA pools. As these communities developed, those memberships have decreased. Bailey did note that the although we lost memberships between 2012 and 2013, the BCA also gained new memberships; albeit the number of lost memberships exceeded the number of new ones. There are a variety of reasons for the loss in memberships.

Director Leonard noted that until the years 2012-2013, the number of residents who joined the pools have remained fairly consistent. Non-resident memberships steadily increased from 2006 through 2009, with a spike in 2008. Since that time, non-resident memberships have decreased, with a significant drop in 2012.

Director Bettin asked if the causes for these decreases were known. Manager Bailey replied that there are a variety of reasons, including fees, economy/unemployment, availability of new pools and fitness centers, condition of our pools, etc.

Manager Bailey stated that pool revenues are currently budgeted for $236,600, which he finds interesting as it is about $9,000 more than last year's actual pool revenues of $227,487. As of July 12, 2013, pool revenues are about $19,750 behind this same period last year.

Director Davis asked what the budgeted amount covered. Director Leonard read that it covered management fee, general affair, equipment purchase, swim team, contingency fee, utilities, landscaping and social affairs.

Manager Bailey said that as of July 12, 2013, total pool revenues are approximately $206,130, which is about $30,470 behind this year’s end-of-season budget. He reiterated that this year's budgeted pool revenues is higher than last year’s actual revenues.

A director asked why the 2013 budgeted revenue was set higher than the 2012 actual pool revenues. Director Hillman recalled that someone was supposed to check for the cause of the decrease in 2012 revenues and it was hoped the trend could be reversed. Based on that hope, the 2013 budgeted amount, although lower than the 2012 budgeted amount, was set higher than the 2012 actual revenues.

Manager Bailey feels the 2014 budget should reflect more conservative income figures, especially with the pools. He stated that the pools have been losing money for many years. His initial response to reduce this deficit is an introduction of a pool pass for property owners and their tenants (visit for more details). Applications for the pass will be available from both the BCA office and at the pools. If purchasing the pass at the pool, payment must be made by check.

Director Davis asked when the pool season closed. Manager Bailey stated that the pools are presently set to closed on Labor Day and asked if the BCA Board was interested in extending that timeframe, noting that it would probably only be applicable to weekends due to life guard requirements. He also noted that this would add to the cost of operating the pools but would check into that, if the BCA Board so desired.

Director Leonard wanted to be sure that the cost benefit of extending the pool season would not outweigh the cost of operating the pools during that time.

In response to pool discussions previously held by the BCA Board (see Presentation of Report from PARC Sub-Committee on Next Steps Regarding the Pools and June 10, 2013 Pool Presentation to BCA Board of Directors by PARC’s Pool Subcommittee), Manager Bailey thought the BCA Directors might be interested in learning how and if a facility condition study might benefit Brandermill as the BCA Board moves toward making a decision about the pools. President O’Hanley introduced Fred Thompson and Susan Lacey, principals of Club Source Design, to make a short presentation to explain the purpose of a facility condition study.

Thompson explained that the earlier 2012 pool study conducted by Club Source Design focused on the impact of universal access on the pools in Brandermill (see page 20 of January 3, 2013 Board Information Packet). “That report focused on the quantity of aquatic amenities as related to a maximum usage, but very little on the physical condition of these amenities or the viability of the aquatic amenities to continue to maintain themselves and function forward.” He said that it was important to “determine if an existing facility is a realistic candidate for continued use or not. We have to find out what’s wrong before we can suggest how to fix it.” He stated that a facility condition study would address that, including whether an aquatic amenity is a candidate for repair/upgrade or replacement, as well as determine safety, health and ADA issues, building code issues, mechanical and electrical issues, and systems needs.

Director Malek asked how long it would take Club Source Design to do a facility condition study. Thompson indicated that the firm would take the greater part of five days times four people for the three pools.

Director Blom asked how the 2012 pool study would lead to this study. Thompson said that it would be an incremental study: first to learn if the pools could handle universal access and then to inform the BCA Board of what’s good and what’s bad with the existing pools, thus giving the BCA Directors additional information to proceed.

Director Blom commented that this study would generate information was very similar to that provided in a 2011 pool study (conducted by Higgins and Gerstenmaier, see page 30 of December 11, 2011 Board Information Packet). Director Malek agreed. Manager Bailey asked Thompson if a facility condition study was needed or if the BCA Board could move on, noting that the BCA Board didn’t want to waste money by conducting a study that provided similar information to what they already had. Thompson responded that the BCA Board could certainly move on, but it would be difficult to put a budget amount on pool items based on their 2012 pool study as it was generalistic and holistic in nature.

Director Leonard said he felt ready to move on. He did not feel there was a need to have a study tell us what needs to be done but rather, one that would tell us the cost of getting the work done. He asked why the facility condition study couldn’t also project a cost for the things that needed to be done. Thompson said that the facility condition study would reflect a budgeted cost.

Director Malek reiterated that many of the pool items to be covered in the facility condition study were covered in the 2011 study. Thompson stated that their facility condition study would give specifics as to what needed to be fixed and a budgeted amount. Once the BCA Board decided how it wanted to proceed from there, the next step would be the actual design of what was desired.

Director Bettin feels he is “studied out” and would like to get cost figures to accomplish some of the things mentioned in the 2012 pool study. Thompson said they could help in building a budget based on information contained in the 2012 study and go directly to the design stage. Thompson also said that the facility condition study could be bypassed if the BCA Directors knew exactly what they wanted to do.

Director Davis asked if Club Source Design actually “poured concrete”. Thompson replied that they were architects. Director Davis asked what the cost would be for Club Source Design to evaluate one pool and generate the renderings. Thompson cited "about $20,000," which would also include things that would needed, things that would be nice, and a phased-in solution.

President O’Hanley asked if the BCA would have to find contractors to fulfill the design. Thompson said that they would help with the bidding process and finding appropriate contractors.

Director Leonard asked which one pool would be Club Source Design’s recommendation to begin work. Thompson stated that St. Ledger’s pool presented itself with open space and various depths of water to more easily enable tweaking of existing facilities. Brandermill’s master plan also recommended this pool as a means to create a more family-oriented amenity.

Director Davis asked if a company that actually builds pools couldn’t review our existing pools and give cost figures to execute the BCA Board’s decision. Thompson cautioned that the Board may not necessarily get what they wanted.

Director Bettin said that this Board is trying to make a decision for the future of the pools. He asked Thompson if he could speak to whether or not Brandermill needed three pools. Thompson said that, aside from costs, the beautiful thing about having the three pools is how they work themselves into the neighborhoods. There is a sense of “place” for families: “It’s not only in my community; it’s in my place [neighborhood].” He noted that there were definite pros and cons.

Director Leonard asked if Club Source Design considered the Brandermill Country Club’s pool a community pool. Director Malek considers it a private pool. Director Leonard acknowledged that it was not owned by the BCA, but the Country Club is part of the community and people can join the Country Club. Thompson responded that they were only asked to consider the three pools owned by Brandermill in their 2012 study and pointed out that Brandermill was in competition with other HOAs, not only in terms of housing but also amenities. He suggested that renovating one of the pools might energize the community to participate in the pools.

Manager Bailey asked if the Board Directors would be interested in determining which pool to renovate first and then have Club Source Design perform the design work for it. Director Davis asked if the cost would be $20,000. Director Malek said he was not interested in spending $20,000 on one pool.

Director Bettin stated that his frustration lied in spending money to do a study, only to learn that another study is recommended.

Manager Bailey asked if it was the Board’s desire to get a deliverable (plans and specs) that the BCA could put out for bid for one pool. Director Hillman felt that the Board had two choices: (1) The BCA could contract our own contractors, or (2) pay the $20,000 to have a design created.

Director Malek felt that there are pool companies that would not charge the BCA $20,000 to review the condition of a pool and offer a proposal to repair/renovate it. Thompson said that the pool companies would not charge the BCA for selling them something, but they would also not alert the BCA of any ramifications of their bid.

Director Hillman felt that it was analogously like building a home: You could hire an architect to design the home you wish to purchase or you could purchase a designed home from a contractor.

Director Malek felt that this part of the discussion should only cover the pools, as the BCA could hire general contractors for the buildings. Director Malek suggested that the Board Directors decide (1) if the BCA is going to update only one pool and if so, which pool, (2) determine what things need to be done for the pool and its facilities, and (3) have general and pool contractors review the pool(s) and quote on the work to be done.

Director Bettin asked if the BCA Board were to agree to work with Club Source Design, if it was possible for the $20,000 to include a design for the selected pool with costs and minimally to also get a maintenance upgrade for the other two pools. This would enable the BCA to have a document that they could put out for bid. He stated that he would be willing to do that and asked the other Directors how they felt.

Director Davis said he wouldn’t vote for that.

Director Malek said he thought a previous price for the facility condition study for all three pools was $28,000. He asked how this translated into $20,000 for only one pool. Thompson stated that the expenses were the result of engineering costs and the licensed expertise to warrant the changes meeting governmental requirements. Thompson added that when it comes to life safety issues, only architects and engineers are licensed by the State of Virginia to make those determinations, but only contractors are licensed to implement the changes.

Manager Bailey asked if the BCA Board would like to consider a design-build contract for one pool. Director Leonard felt he wasn’t ready yet. Director Bettin asked for clarification of Manager Bailey’s question. Manager Bailey restated his question: “Is the Board interested in issuing a request for proposal (“RFP”) for a design-build to make upgrades to one pool, i.e., mechanical, building, landscaping, whatever it may be ... for one pool, a turnkey operation with one company .... Any firm that’s viable to do design-build contract on a pool would get an RFP.”

Director Davis said that he did not see the BCA using only one firm. He was looking for a RFP aimed at pool companies and another aimed at general contractors. Manager Bailey suggested issuing a RFP which would include all facets of the pool and having the responding company subcontract the work that they didn’t directly do.

Director Davis asked who would draft the RFP. Manager Bailey asked which BCA Directors would be interested in participating in the drafting of the RFP. This draft would then be brought back to the full BCA Board for review, comment and approval before issuance.

President O’Hanley asked for the Directors’ opinions on developing a RFP. Directors Davis, Malek and Hillman liked the idea of developing a RFP. Director Leonard feels that before the BCA Board commits to spending any monies, it needed to get resident feedback on the proposed changes; President O’Hanley agreed.

Director Blom responded with a “qualified” yes, as he feels that a firm other than a pool company should validate that the BCA Board is spending its monies wisely. Director Bettin was in favor of creating a RFP but also agreed with Director Blom’s view of finding an independent firm to represent the interests of the BCA. Manager Bailey said the RFP could require an independent peer review.

Director Bettin suggested that President O’Hanley “go around the table” and ask each Director for their position on the pools. President O’Hanley led the discussion, and each of the BCA Directors’ comments may be heard below in the order they were presented (left to right).

Charlie Davis


Frances Hillman

Don Blom

Jack Bettin

Tom Leonard


Bob Malek

Joan O'Hanley

4th of July Activities

Manager Bailey reported that the BCA spent $19,375 on this year’s 4th of July activities, and Director Leonard commented that the budgeted amount for this year was $22,000.

Manager Bailey said he had heard from residents about parking and safety concerns, among other things. He noted that this would require additional communications with the County police department, fire and rescue services and VDOT. He noted that addressing these concerns might require additional funding in the 2014 budget.

Director Davis noted that with regards to cars parking in wet soil (leaving ditches) and on both sides of the road, there are private security firms that could help us monitor that. He feels that the BCA should be able to address the parking issue.

Manager Bailey said that the BCA has been able to manage the daytime events with the possible exception of non-residents participating in Brandermill’s Sunday Park festivities after the parade. He stated that there is a feeling by residents who believe that since BCA assessment are paying for the hot dogs, watermelons, etc., non-residents should not be able to participate.

Director Bettin thanked Jennifer Strader for all her efforts coordinating the activities. He stated his pleasure in starting the 7.4K run and noted the number of children attending the parade. He questioned the Directors as to whether these events should be private or open to the public. He noted that the BCA could make this a private Brandermill event and still have all the activities, that it was a matter of controlling it.

Director Malek stated that it had been out of control for years, but it is also the one event of the year that the BCA “gets a pat on the back” because everyone seems to love it. He noted, however, that the Country Club experienced, as they have in the past, damage to their golf course. He wasn’t sure how to address that, but private security firms may be an answer.

Director Leonard commented that previous BCA Boards had held discussions on the fireworks and asked why they weren’t discontinued. Both President O’Hanley and Director Hillman responded that past Boards felt the fireworks were part of tradition and that there would be an uproar from the community if the fireworks were discontinued. Director Leonard said that perhaps with the recent tragedy it was time to reconsider and perhaps discontinue the fireworks for one year.

Director Blom feels that this is a great Brandermill event but that it should be kept for Brandermill residents only. He feels that the BCA should definitely address residents’ issues going forward, perhaps using private security firms.

Director Malek commented that some of the parking issues are created by Brandermill residents who live too far to walk to Sunday Park. Director Davis noted that the BCA still needed to address the parking issues, and Director Malek agreed.

Director Hillman recalled that a past Board had asked BCA staff to get additional help to monitor the parking situation. She doesn’t believe that this was ever actuated.

Manager Bailey said that he would check into addressing resident concerns, and the cost would be reflected in the proposed 2014 budget.

News from the Community Character Committee

Posted July 19, 2013 at 5:10 PM

Home and Yard Improvement Seminar

The BCA Community Character Committee and the Activities Committee will host a Home and Yard Improvement Seminar on September 24th at 7:00 p.m. at Brandermill Woods. The seminar is free for all Brandermill residents, but we do request that you make reservations by contacting Dianne Cardea ( or Jennifer Strader (

Our speakers will be:

  • Diana Ragsdale, owner of Transformations by Diana and Izzies, Consigning with Grace (a home decor consignment shop);
  • Grant Miller, owner of Miller’s Lawn and Landscape Service serving northern Chesterfield County including Brandermill, Hampton Park, Foxcroft, Foxfire, River’s Bend and Patriot’s Landing; and
  • Kate Tuttle-Sniecinski, owner and consultant of Greater Virginia Urban Forestry Consulting, LLC. Kate is an ISA Certified Arborist and oversees the tree management program in Brandermill. She will speak on extending Brandermill’s tree management program into your yard.
The CCC will provide a list of local vendors, and the new mailbox will be on display with a list of vendors who have been approved by the BCA.

Brandermill Education Ambassadors ("BEA")

The BEA will soon be preparing for the new school year. There will be times before the opening of schools that volunteer help is needed to ready packets for students. If you would like to join the BEA and help during the summer months, please contact Monika Fitzgerald (

Covenant Issues

If you have covenant issues that you would like to discuss, the CCC is willing to help you work through the process to rectify the problem. You can reach us by phone or email and, if you wish, we can meet with you personally. If you would like to hold a neighborhood meeting with the CCC to discuss covenant issues, we will be happy to meet with you and your neighbors. To organize a neighborhood covenant meeting, you can contact your NRC rep (, or you can contact the CCC direct: Dianne Cardea ( or Jerry Barnes ( We will be happy to help you in whatever way we can.

Pool Passes Available for Brandermill Residents

Posted July 19, 2013 at 5:00 PM
A $35 pool pass is now available to Brandermill property owners and tenants. Be sure to visit the BCA web site at and read about the Multi-Use Day Pass. Summer is here, and it's time to COOL OFF!

BCA Board Work Session Scheduled for July 17, 2013

Posted July 12, 2013 at 4:58 PM
The agenda for this upcoming BCA Board work session (scheduled for July 17, 2013, 7:00 p.m., Brandermill Woods) is now available for downloading. Please note two topics listed for discussion include the pools and the 4th of July activities. Club Source Design is also scheduled to present "why a facility condition study." The NRC encourages all residents to attend BCA Board meetings to learn of Brandermill "happenings".

Highlights of July 1, 2013 BCA Board Meeting

Posted July 6, 2013 at 10:04 AM
Important Note: The following highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the BCA meeting. Although we believe the reporting below is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Consideration of the Minutes for the June 6, 2013 and June 10, 2013 Meetings

President O’Hanley submitted one correction to the June 6th minutes, noting that the BCA Directors had visited “some” residential and commercial areas during their Board orientation, rather than “all” of the areas. The June 6, 2013 minutes were approved as amended, and the June 10, 2013 minutes were approved as shown.

President's Report

President O'Hanley opened her remarks by noting that Community Manager Bailey was absent due to an illness in his family.

President O'Hanley sought Board volunteers to serve as liaison to BCA Committees and described the liaison's role (see page 9 of the July 1, 2013 Board packet). Directors volunteered to serve as Board liaisons for the following Brandermill committees:
  • Activities Committee – President Joan O'Hanley
  • Architectural Review Board – Director Tom Leonard
  • Brandermill History Project Committee – President O'Hanley
  • Community Character Committee – President O'Hanley
  • Finance Committee – Treasurer Frances Hillman
  • Hearing Panel – Director Bob Malek
  • Marketing Committee – Director Jack Bettin
  • Natural Resources Committee – Director Jack Bettin
  • NRC – Director Bob Malek
  • Parks, Amenities and Recreation Committee – Director Don Blom
  • Master Plan Oversight Committee – Director Charlie Davis
President O'Hanley asked the BCA Board about the tentative July 17, 2013 at 7:00 p.m., Brandermill Woods as the date, time and location for their work session. Upon duly made motion, the work session is now set as shown.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Hillman reported that the pools are currently behind budget. She noted that Manager Bailey will be implementing some new membership options after the 4th of July and has planned an August promotion to help reduce this shortfall.

Treasurer Hillman said that she would be giving a fuller budget report next month, as she will be reporting on the BCA's 6-month financial status. The BCA is currently under-budget in payroll and the bad debts account presently has a credit balance as a number of residents have paid past-due fines.

Manager's Report

Manager Bailey being absent, President O'Hanley asked Assistant Community Manager Al Raimo if he had any comments. He reported that new, revised trail maps are now available at the office and will be distributed to the entire membership as well as placed in new residents' packets.

Director Leonard inquired if the map was only showed the bike trails. Assistant Manager Raimo responded that it also indicated major areas within Brandermill, such as schools and shopping centers. He noted that changes were made based on input from residents and the PARC Committee whose members actually walked the trails.

Committee Chair Reports

President O'Hanley noted that good progress has been made by the Community Standards Department in getting covenant violations resolved (see page 14 of the July 1, 2013 Board packet).

Director Malek spoke briefly about the ARB's review of commercial members' applications and said that he did not feel the commercial members receive much for their assessments. He noted that the Brandermill Wells Fargo branch's application to erect a detached ATM kiosk had been denied by the ARB (see page 15 of the July 1, 2013 Board packet). He reported that he had spoken with the Wells Fargo branch manager and had learned it was not feasible for the bank to construct an enclosed kiosk within the existing building as it decreased needed office space. Director Malek said that he did not see a picture of the proposed walk-up kiosk, but the proposed location did not make the kiosk visible to surrounding neighborhoods. A discussion ensued in which it was reported that the ARB was also concerned about the safety of residents using the proposed detached ATM at night.

Director Bettin said that he felt, whenever appropriate, we should say "yes" to our commercial members, and Director Malek agreed.

Director Malek asked if all the commercial members knew about the appeals process. Assistant Manager Raimo said that the appeals process was not originally stated in the member's "status memo", but it will be stated going forward. Applications denied by the ARB can be appealed to the ARB. Assistant Manager Raimo offered to call the bank branch manager to better explain the appeals process. Director Bettin suggested that Assistant Manager Raimo contact the ARB first in order to better understand their concerns and to better learn why the application was denied.

Director Davis asked why there is no explanation of the appeals process included in the ARB's denial notification. Assistant Manager Raimo responded that he didn't know but that the BCA is always looking to improve its processes.

Member Voice

Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) thanked President O'Hanley for her comment to focus on "need" versus "want". He indicated that he is very encouraged by the current leadership and noted that our property values are the highest priority. He went on to say that he has not heard a positive comment regarding the proposed electronic message boards. While out of town, he was notified of the BCA receiving bad press, and upon his return, he visited the resident's garden. He did not feel that it looked "all that bad", especially when compared to other surrounding residences. He encouraged the the BCA Board and staff to really push forward with good press, as he feels the BCA is doing a lot of things right. He also noted that with a total budget of $2.5 million, we can surely find $100,000 for needed projects. He looks forward to a great year.

Dennis Peterson (Winterberry Ridge) who is also Chair of the Marketing Committee spoke as an individual member. He spoke positively regarding the concept of electronic message boards and noted that an electronic message board would increase good will and community spirit with timely, positive community news and information, announcement of Board meetings and other events, and the welcoming of new members to the community. He emphasized that the electronic message boards, if approved, would not be "garish". He reported that there are currently four electronic message boards in Woodlake and noted that they are unobtrusive. He stated that the closest representative example of what is being proposed for Brandermill is the message board at the entrance of Midlothian High School and Charter Colony. He also predicted that people would like them over time, if we try them.

Directors Davis and Bettin then both expressed concern that the community might have the impression that the BCA Board had already approved the electronic message boards when, in fact, the proposal has not yet been discussed by the BCA Board.

Presentation of Status Report on Website Development
by Sarah Johnston, A Touch of Technology

NOTE: The following is a synopsis of the Ms. Johnston's presentation. For more detail, we encourage you to listen to the official audio recording found on the BCA website at and to review the slides found on pages 24-33 of the July 1, 2013 Board packet. The presentation audio begins about 36 minutes from the beginning of the recording.

President O'Hanley introduced Sarah Johnston and expressed her excitement at reviewing the presentation slides. She noted that the proposed look and feel of the website made her feel glad that she lives in Brandermill.

Ms. Johnston reported that her company has spent the last several months working with Village Mill Managing Editor Wendy Parker, Assistant Community Manager Al Raimo, Marketing Committee Chair Dennis Peterson, and Community Manager "J.B." Bailey on the new Brandermill website. The purpose of this presentation (see pages 24-33 of July 1, 2013 Board packet) was to update the BCA Board on its progress.

She began with a slide of the new website's home page and noted that the re-design work began with a content audit of the existing website. She indicated that the new website will establish a new content/information "hierarchy" via a primary navigation bar with eight options. These eight options are "About Brandermill," "Photo Galleries," "Amenities," "Business Directory," "Calendar of Events," "Community Information," "The Village Mill" and "Residents". Each of these eight areas will have a drop-down menus with secondary navigation links. She noted that since real estate is an important aspect of Brandermill, there will be a direct link to the "Real Estate Directory" on the home page.

Director Bettin pointed out that since "The Village Mill" is one of the primary navigation options on the home page, the new site will have a direct link to a revenue-generating portion of the site.

Ms. Johnston described each of the eight primary options had its own "interior landing page" with distinct images that could be swapped out seasonally. These images will help to highlight the natural beauty of Brandermill, while the secondary navigation menu described topics covered in the section. For example, the "About Brandermill" landing page would contain maps, demographics, information about the Master Plan as well as resident stories and testimonials promoting the quality of life in Brandermill.

The "Photo Gallery" interior landing page will show a secondary navigation menu of "Diverse Architecture," "Recent Events," "Resident Photos" and "Signature Events". As indicated by the title, this page will include pictures of homes showing the various architectural styles that exist within Brandermill, slide shows of events and BCA-vetted photos taken by residents. The "Photo Gallery" landing page will also include a variety of search filters to assist visitors to find images by timeframe and topic.

Although the footers on each of the interior landing pages are the same, they are different from one found on the home page.

Chair Peterson pointed out that the site is not yet fully functional so that the BCA Board could not yet see a demonstration of its functionality.

Ms. Johnston commented on the design of the "Amenities" landing page. Links on this page will take the visitor to another web page which will contain text, pictures, slide shows and interactive maps highlighting the amenities. The Brandermill Country Club, The Midlothian Tennis Club, and Brandermill Woods will also be listed in this section.

Ms. Johnston noted that the "Business and Services Directory" will be a key component of the new website and that this section will be the largest revenue generator for the site. This section will include maps showing advertisers' locations as well as a real estate map of Brandermill which will indicate homes for sale within our community. She noted that 6-month and 12-month ad space will be available in this section.

Director Bettin asked if the site could stream video. Johnston responded that this will be possible as long as the video is located on YouTube.

Ms. Johnston then reported that there will be a "Calendar of Events" page and noted that this will be an additional revenue generator. This will include "Upcoming Events" (compilation of all events), "Local Events" (opened only to residents), "Public Events" (geared to public) and "Nearby Events" (geared to public). "Nearby Events" will allow advertisers to purchase ad space to promote upcoming events. Clicking on any of these four options would open a new page with more detailed information. The "Calendar of Events" page will also include a 3-month calendar of upcoming events as well as a section for visitors to search for events by timeframe, type and location.

The "Community Information" landing page will showcase information about Brandermill, and "The Village Mill" landing page will include the latest edition as well as an archive of past editions. "The Village Mill" page will also offer advertising options to generate revenue.

Lastly, Ms. Johnston reported that there will be a "Residents" section which will include information that is pertinent to residents only. This section will allow residents to manage their Brandermill accounts and pay assessments.

She concluded her presentation by showing the developmental site and noted that the site is a work-in-progress.

Director Hillman asked why each page listed the same information in two different ways - in a list format and in a graphic format. Ms. Johnston responded that research shows that people access information in a variety of ways: some people go to the text directory, and some simply go directly to the information (using the graphics).

Director Hillman asked what the research indicated about the use of background images on the various web pages. Ms. Johnston said that Brandermill is a 3,000+ acre community with many varying facets. Use of the background images is a means to display Brandermill's diversity.

Director Davis stated that he thought the site looked good but inquired as to who [target audience] the website is aimed towards. He thought the site looked busy. He also asked what image the site was trying to create, if the site was being designed to attract buyers and who [end user] was going to input data on the web pages.

Director Bettin said he felt the site created a picture of what Brandermill is at its best. He also noted that it looks more impactful and better in live mode than it does in the screen shots that were presented.

Director Davis asked if the new site was up and running. Ms. Johnston answered that the site is not presently up and running. She emphasized that the website is currently under production and estimated that it would take another 4-6 weeks before it would go live.

She indicated that the goal of this update presentation was to present the storyboards for the site and to ensure that the BCA Board agreed with its structure.

Director Davis asked if the BCA Board would be able to make changes after the 4-6 week period. Ms. Johnston responded that it depended on what and how much the BCA Board wanted to change. She indicated that it would be easy to change a picture, for example, but not to change out an entire section.

Director Davis asked if the BCA Board could see some of the site online now, as he was concerned that it might be too late to make changes after the 4-6 week period.

Director Bettin felt it would be good for the BCA Directors to be able to go online to the site and for the Directors to give their input at this point in the process.

Director Malek asked if there was anything available online now that would give the BCA Directors a "sense of flavor" of the full functional site. Ms. Johnston replied that the storyboards had only recently been approved, and the site just went into production two weeks ago. She explained that right now, there is just not enough material online yet.

Director Davis asked what would be listed in the Real Estate Directory. Ms. Johnston said that it would list homes for sale in Brandermill, and real estate firms would only be allowed to showcase houses in Brandermill within the directory.

Ms. Johnston noted that the purpose of this presentation was to show the BCA Board the storyboards that are going into production over the next 4-6 weeks. She addressed Director Davis' question of the "Board having a say-so" by stating that there would be a 2-week period when the BCA Directors would be encouraged to use the site online, review it and to "try to break it". This would give the BCA Board an opportunity to review and perform quality assurance testing on the site before it goes live, but right now there is just not enough material online to give the Directors a feel of the site's total functionality.

Director Blom asked if all the commercial members are listed in the "Business Directory", or if they had to pay to be listed. Ms. Johnston said that it was her understanding that commercial members would have to pay to be listed.

Director Bettin responded that that decision is a one to be made by the BCA Board.

Directors Blom and Hillman also wanted to be sure that it was clear that the homes showcased in the "Real Estate Directory" did not necessarily reflect all the homes for sale in Brandermill.

Ms. Johnston stated that there are presently three levels of business listings. The original concept was to give people an opportunity to buy listings with multiple options, e.g., location map, slide show presentation, description of business, etc.

Director Hillman suggested that perhaps giving the commercial members a basic listing in the "Business Directory" might be good, as she too feels they don't get much for their assessment dollars. Director Malek agreed.

Director Bettin asked Ms. Johnston to address Director Davis' question of data input into the site. She responded that one of the benefits of the site would be that content entered in one location would automatically update that information in all other relevant locations. This greatly reduces the resources required to update the website.

Director Leonard commented that this presentation was much better than the pool presentation he previously saw.

Old Business

President O'Hanley asked the board to approve the 2013-2014 Strategic Planning document (see pages 35-39 of the July 1, 2013 Board packet).

Director Davis moved and Director Malek seconded to accept the document. A discussion followed.

Director Davis asked how we would communicate the "let the sunshine in" message. President O'Hanley stated that residents should consider removing trees less than 6-inches in diameter and under 2-feet tall, and that this could be done without application to the ARB. Trees larger/taller than that required an ARB application, but it was easy to do so.

Director Malek cited an example of why he thought the Standards needed to be reviewed. A deck in Crosstimbers (see page 16 of the July 1, 2013 Board packet) was approved but with the condition that "if a tree (near deck) is to be removed that it be replaced with a similar hardwood tree 6 to 8 feet in height." He felt this decision appeared to be in conflict with the "let the sunshine in" message.

Both President O'Hanley and Director Blom pointed out that the ARB operates under the current covenants and indicated that the covenants may need to be reviewed and updated.

Director Leonard asked why the ARB was concerned about trees at all. Assistant Manager Raimo replied it was because removal of trees changed the landscape. Director Leonard felt that the ARB "tree" condition on the above cited deck made no sense.

Director Malek commented that if the resident had asked the BCA for permission to remove the tree, he would probably have gotten permission to do so. Then if the resident had submitted his deck application to the ARB, the "tree" condition would not even be relevant. He acknowledged that he had not seen the Crosstimber property so it could very well be that there are not sufficient trees on the lot; and if that was the case, he could understand the "tree" condition.

Assistant Manager Raimo stated that the current Standards indicate if there are sufficient number of trees to be removed so as to change the landscape, a complete landscape plan needs to be submitted to the ARB.

Director Davis said that as the BCA Board gets the "let the sunshine in" message out, he did not want the residents to get caught in a ping-pong game between the Standards Department and the ARB in getting approval to remove trees. Director Leonard agreed.

Director Hillman stated that she found a 2007 capitalization fee referendum which was passed, but the wording on the referendum did not match the Amendment that was filed in 2009. Management will be looking into this matter.

Following this discussion, the Strategic Planning document for 2013-2014 was unanimously approved.

Next, President O'Hanley asked for approval of the 2014 Budget Guidelines (see page 34 of the July 1, 2013 Board packet).

Director Davis asked why we are putting money into the Reserve Fund one day and taking it out the next. He also questioned the size of the Reserve Fund.

Director Blom said that according to the Reserve Study (a replacement schedule), a Reserve contribution amount of approximately $276,000 this year was needed to fund asset replacement now and in the future.

Director Bettin then questioned why Brandermill had a Reserve Fund and asked for clarification on how it is to be used.

Director Hillman responded that the Reserve Fund was created and is maintained to replace the community assets over a 20-year period as they depreciate. She noted that we have not been replacing/maintaining our assets. An example she cited dealt with maintenance of the pools. Assistant Manager Raimo cited refurbishing of the neighborhood signs as another example of the use of the Reserve Fund.

Director Davis commented that if we have $1.3 million in reserve, we should be able to use some of those assets to fix up one of the pools.

Director Malek noted one of the uses of the Reserve Fund is for a "rainy day", e.g, catastrophic events. In the past, BCA boards have passed special assessments to cover such incidences, so he questioned funding the Reserve Fund for such events.

Director Hillman stated that the Finance Committee will be meeting with the auditors at their next meeting, and they will be asking questions about tax implications of spending Reserve Fund monies.

Following this discussion, a motion to approve the 2014 Budget Guidelines was passed unanimously.