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NRC Regular Meeting, May 23, 2013, 7 p.m., Brandermill Woods

Posted May 18, 2013 at 8:54 AM
Meeting agenda will include such topics as proposed 2014 NRC budget, change in methodology to approve NRC minutes, resident e-mail lists, NRC blog and possible topics for future NRC meetings. Draft of 1st quarter 2013 NRC Annual Meeting minutes to be approved at upcoming meeting are now available for downloading. Quorum of NRC Reps is needed for any voting to occur, so please plan to attend!

Residents' Comments to NRC Survey

Posted May 18, 2013 at 8:45 AM
THANKS go to the 125 residents who took the time to prioritize the 2014 MPOC projects and, more importantly, who took the time to write and share their thoughts and opinions.  We have compiled your comments into three lists:

  1. Suggestions for possible 40th Anniversary Celebration Activities
  2. Resident Feedback on BCA Leaf Pickup and Street Debris Cleanup, and
  3. Resident General Comments.
Feel free to download these lists and share them with your neighbors.  These lists have already been distributed to MPOC members at its May 16 meeting, and the NRC has asked that they be placed in the upcoming Board information packet for distribution to the BCA Board of Directors.

THANKS again for all those who participated!

Highlights of May 16, 2013 MPOC Meeting

Posted May 15, 2013 at 2:13 PM

Member Voice

NRC Chair Mamie McNeal stated that an NRC Rep has heard from his neighbors who would like to have a continuous paved path at The Landing which would enable residents in wheelchairs and those pushing strollers to easily cross from one neighborhood to another. Facilitator Al Raimo said that he would have Staff look into the matter.

2013 Project Updates

Community Character Committee (“CCC”) Chair Dianne Cardea reported that the landscaping at Brandermill Parkway and Old Hundred Road (across from roundabout) has now been completed and was completed under budget. She also reminded MPOC members of the “Home Improvement” seminar that will be offered on September 24, 2013 at 7 p.m. Dianne Ragsdale and Grant Miller will be presenting at the seminar. The CCC is also searching for a contractor who specializes in home renovations to present at the seminar. Interested attendees should make their reservations by contacting Dianne Cardea (

Parks, Amenities and Recreation Committee (“PARC”) Chair Mel Burton stated that the Sagewood Park renovation has now been completed. He also reported that the PARC pool subcommittee has been working on deriving a recommendation concerning our BCA pools. (Now available on pages 9-25 of the June 10, 2013 Board packet.)

MPOC Prioritization 2014 Projects

PARC Chair Burton asked if the proposed 2014 MPOC electronic signs project would place five electronic message signs going forward. Marketing Committee Chair Dennis Peterson responded that the 2014 MPOC proposal was to place one sign within the community in 2014. Five possible sites for the sign are proposed: (1) Brandermill Parkway near Quail Hill neighborhood sign, near Swift Creek Middle School; (2) Sunday Park the most expensive sign as it would be two-sided sign; (3) Brandermill Woods near the existing reader board; (4) Harbour Pointe near existing reader board in island; and (5) Charter Colony Parkway near existing Brandermill sign at Waterford.

Finance Committee Chair Buddy Whitfield asked which of the five sites had the most traffic. The general response was Sunday Park. Chair Whitfield felt it better to put the sign in the most visible location than not. NRC Chair McNeal reminded MPOC members that Sunday Park was the location that had the most objections as residents feel there are already too many signs there.

Architectural Review Board (“ARB”) Chair Andy Wyman noted that just because we could get one electronic sign, we might not get the additional four that the Marketing Committee recommended for the future. Given that, he recommended that the first electronic message sign be placed where it would make the most impact, i.e., Sunday Park.

Chair Peterson stated that his personal preference is the Sunday Park location, although the Marketing Committee’s consensus was that the first electronic message sign be placed at the highest traffic location.

Facilitator Al Raimo distributed copies of the NRC survey results to attending MPOC members and noted that the “Residents’ General Comments” report had comments about the proposed 2014 MPOC projects. He also stated that earlier that day he had received an e-mail from a resident who was adamantly opposed to the installation of electronic message signs. Chair Cardea also distributed an updated report on the proposed 2014 landscaping project.

Chair Wyman indicated that $60,000 (for a 2-sided electronic messaging sign at Sunday Park) is a couple of dollars per family for that sign. He feels that if we are going to set up an electronic message board in 2014, we should put it in a location where it would get the greatest visibility and use.

Chair Whitfield said that he did not personally like the sign, but if a business case could be presented where it would save Staff money and increase a level of service to the residents, he would be supportive of it.

Chair Cardea felt it will enable better communications with the residents and reminded MPOC members that when the Board passed the new mailbox design, there was also an uproar with residents.

Chair McNeal noted that this discussion would not delete any projects from the list of proposed 2014 projects but rather, it would only provide additional information to MPOC members as voting occurs to rank the projects for the BCA Board.

Natural Resources Committee Chair Jim Schrecengost suggested that we add the Sunday Park location as part of MPOC’s recommendation to the BCA Board of Directors. Facilitator Raimo said that this would be possible if the BCA Board agreed to proceed with this project.

Community Manager John Bailey asked if it wouldn’t be better to test the effectiveness of the electronic sign by starting with a smaller, 1-sided sign (approximately $30,000) at a secondary location. Chair Wyman felt that if there was any doubt about the effectiveness of the sign, we shouldn’t do it at all.

Chair Whitfield suggested that traffic patterns today are different from the past 5-6 years and that Sunday Park/Millridge Parkway may not carry the heaviest traffic today. He said he’d like to see a current traffic study conducted to evaluate traffic patterns today. Chair Wyman noted that we should also consider outsiders who visit Brandermill. Chair Burton suggested that there might be increased traffic on Old Hundred Road because of the roundabout. Facilitator Raimo reminded the meeting attendees that when we tried to put the old reader board back in its original position (near the roundabout), VDOT did not permit it. Manager Bailey also said that the reader board located in the island at Harbour Pointe, once removed, would not be allowed at that location.

Crime Prevention Committee (“CPC”) representative Dee Pisciella said that she did not see the business case for having the electronic message signs.

With the close of this discussion, the MPOC members voted to rank the proposed 2014 MPOC projects as:
1. Landscaping
2. Off-Road Trails
3. Electronic Message Signs

Facilitator Raimo concluded by saying that if the BCA Board of Directors agrees to proceed with the electronic message sign in 2014, he would inform the Directors of MPOC’s preference to place a 2-side sign (approximately $60,000) at Sunday Park.

Brandermill History Project Committee Chair Tom Jacobson asked how Brandermill’s 40th Anniversary Celebration would be funded. Facilitator Raimo said that in the past, the Activities Committee has worked with BCA Staff to organize such events so funding would come out of the BCA operating budget.

Chair Whitfield indicated that he and Manager Bailey have been working together to redesign the budget process and that with Manager Bailey onboard, there will be a stronger management participation in the construction of initial draft budgets. Under the new process, the Finance Committee will be taking more of an advisory and review role in the budget process. Chair Whitfield strongly supports this change, as it puts Staff more in the role of constructing and managing Brandermill’s budget.

2015 MPOC Projects

Facilitator Raimo reminded MPOC members that it is now time to begin thinking about possible 2015 MPOC projects.

Chair Cardea said that the CCC is considering some landscaping projects in Harbour Pointe, and they have asked residents in that area for their suggestions.

Chair Burton mentioned that residents of Harbour Pointe have requested a playground in that area.

Chair Cardea also mentioned that Harbour Pointe residents wanted some work done on the streams.

Facilitator Raimo reminded MPOC members that in past meetings, it was determined that we should take a more holistic view of an area, and that if it’s Harbour Pointe’s time for consideration, the committees should take a closer look at the entire area.

Chair Jacobson suggested committees to review the Master Plan again and to think about what might be good, long-term things for the community. He also suggested that MPOC not lose sight of the things outside of the community, such as the Cheatham property which, when developed, will greatly impact Brandermill.

Chair Whitfield asked if PARC and/or CPC would review the lighting issue in Brandermill tunnels. Several MPOC members felt that due to some of the recent repairs, the tunnels have now proven to be quite dark, perhaps creating a safety issue. Ensuing discussion included which tunnels might be the responsibility of the BCA, which were shared, and which were privately owned.

Chair Peterson asked for ideas to deal with the issue of “eye-sore” properties. Chair McNeal suggested that the BCA Board of Directors initiated the “Self-Help” policy to deal with some of that. Chair Peterson feels that MPOC is the committee that is charged to come up with ideas to implement the Master plan and asked where the MPOC ideas were. He is disappointed that there are only three proposed MPOC projects for 2014. Chair McNeal stated that the residents are cautious as they know a potentially large portion of their 2014 assessments will need to deal with the pools. Chair Peterson stated that MPOC is “in the business of presenting ideas and then selling it to the community”. He did not think MPOC should be “taking the pulse” of the community as it inhibits ideas. He suggested that MPOC should come up with the ideas first and then present them to the community.

Both Chair Cardea and CPC representative Pisciella felt it important to get resident feedback as well as resident “wants” and ideas before committees do extensive work on proposed projects.

Facilitator Raimo suggested that the next MPOC meeting include strategic thinking by MPOC members.

Ranking Proposed 2014 MPOC Projects

Posted May 11, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Have you told the NRC how to vote on your behalf on spending approximately $32,000 of our assessment monies? Do you have any ideas on how monies should be spent to celebrate Brandermill's 40th anniversary? How do you feel about leaf pickup and street debris cleanup throughout all of Brandermill? If you've not shared your opinion and ideas about these issues, please do so now. Go to NOW to complete the survey.

THANKS to all those who have already responded!

NRC Meeting, May 23, 2013, 7 p.m., Brandermill Woods

Posted May 11, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Mark Your Calendars!
NRC Meeting
Thursday, May 23, 2013
7:00 p.m., Brandermill Woods

Meeting agenda may include such topics as proposed 2014 NRC budget, possible change to NRC charter, change in methodology to approve NRC minutes, and possible topics for future NRC meetings. Quorum of NRC Reps is needed for any voting to occur.

Highlights of May 6, 2013 BCA Board Meeting

Posted May 11, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.
President's Report
President O'Hanley reported on a notice from the Office of the Common Interest Community Ombudsman, Heather Gillespie. This notice was a final determination in reference to resident David Schein's complaint which alleged 15 allegations against the BCA Board of Directors. The Ombudsman reported that they found insufficient evidence to establish any violation of State law or regulation governing the common interest community. O'Hanley reported that the Ombudsman found that no further action was required by either party and that the Ombudsman's finding is the final action in this matter.
Director's Report
Treasurer Hillman distributed and discussed the Treasurer's Report for the first quarter of 2013 at the meeting. Hillman reported that as of March 31, 2013, year-to-date revenues are less than budget but that year-to-date operating expenses are also less than budget, leaving a slight surplus of $4,453. Hillman also noted that revenues from pool memberships are significantly below budget (by about $26K). Due to this, she has made some suggestions to the Community Manager for sale of additional types of pool memberships that might be offered to boost pool revenues. She also noted that employee costs are running below budget due to the conversion of one full-time position to a part-time one.

Treasurer Hillman reported on the outcome of the recent audit of the BCA. She noted that it was a good audit with some recommendations for changes. She stated that the Community Manager is working to implement those changes. (See Treasurer's Report at 39th Annual Meeting for listing of suggested changes.)

Director Bettin asked about the "timing" issue on pool memberships during the first quarter and asked if we could expect to see this improve. Hillman responded that we really don’t know. She stated that the budget reporting is developed by taking the annual revenues or costs from the previous year and dividing it by 12, rather than tracking actual revenues or expenses by month during the year. She noted that the BCA under Manager Bailey is doing everything possible to increase memberships; this includes sending out flyers and e-mails to try to improve participation.

Manager Bailey offered that there are indications in the community that there is concern about the status of the pools, i.e., uncertainty creating questions about our pools.

Director Davis noted that the year-to-date revenues were less than budget but that year-to-date operating expenses were also less than budget, leaving a slight surplus of $4,453. He noted that Treasurer Hillman had stated that everything possible was being done to keep expenses down. Davis asked “What does it mean to keep expenses down?”

Treasurer Hillman responded that the Manager Bailey and Staff are looking at everything differently and with fresh eyes, and are digging a little deeper into operational processes/procedures, expenses and contracts.
Manager’s Report (see page 16 of May 6, 2013 Board Packet)
Manager Bailey announced that he will be conducting orientation sessions for all the BCA Board Directors, to include a “bus tour” of Brandermill areas.

Manager Bailey noted that the PARC subcommittee report on the pools will be presented in June. He stated that all three pools are being updated to make them ADA-compliant and normal pool repairs, e.g., installation of new depth and “no diving” tiles, were being made prior to the opening of the pools on May 25. He and Assistant Manager Raimo have also contacted Club Source Design about getting information on a facilities design study as well as what the next steps might be to improve the pools.

Manager Bailey reported the wireframing for the new marketing web site has been completed, meaning that the navigation tabs for the web site have been established. He indicated that the next step would be to add storyboards to the tabs. A Touch of Technology (firm awarded the BCA contract to create our new marketing web site) was also on-site the previous week to review photos to be used on the new web site.

Director Bettin asked if some of Horst’s pictures could be used in the creation of those storyboards. Bailey responded that they accept photos from all sources for review and possible inclusion on the new web site. President O’Hanley encouraged residents who had pictures of their beautiful homes to submit them for use consideration on the new web site. Director Davis asked if there was any interest in using historical materials on the web site. Bailey noted that the history project was a different initiative and that many of the members’ older photos would be included in the Brandermill History Project Committee’s history archives.

Bailey noted the Sagebrook Park project was almost complete and would be come in under budget. He complimented the BCA Maintenance staff for their excellent efforts.

The landscaping at the intersection of Old Hundred and Brandermill Parkway is now complete. Bailey thanked Chair Dianne Cardea and the Community Character Committee for their help in facilitating this.

Bailey informed the BCA Board that the NRC held a community meeting on April 22 to solicit feedback from Brandermill members about the proposed 2014 MPOC projects. He thanked Chair Mamie McNeal and the NRC Board of Officers for their help in organizing the meeting. He asked the Directors to be on the look out for those projects in the upcoming budgeting process.

Bailey announced that an open letter will be sent to each resident regarding use of the walking paths that intersect with Brandermill County Club cart paths. He reiterated that improper use of the cart paths on the golf course was unsafe and could result in a loss of use of those paths that are on the country club’s private property. He noted five locations have been chosen for fencing and new warning signs to direct members on the correct use of shared paths; these will be installed beginning in May.

Director Davis asked if the demarcations between public walking paths and private cart paths were clearly marked. Bailey responded that, at present, they mostly were not. Hopefully, the new fencing and signage will remedy that situation. Assistant Manager Raimo noted that fencing and signs at all locations will take some time, but the most critical 4-5 locations are being addressed over the next several weeks.

Director Malek asked why other community associations are able to deal with this issue effectively by using signs that simply say “Golfers Only, 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.”. Director Leonard responded that people just don’t care. Bettin noted a woman with a baby stroller walking the golf paths everyday at some of the holes. Malek responded that some people will obey the rules governing the cart paths and some won’t.

Bailey reported on the first-ever Family Campout event at Sunday Park. He reported that all of the camping spots had been filled and that the event was a huge success. There are plans to make this an annual spring event. He thanked Jennifer Strader and her staff for their efforts on this event.

Bailey reported that notices would be sent out in advance of his planned community "walkabouts". He noted that the time slot for these walkabouts would be in the 4-6 p.m. timeframe. Davis expressed concern regarding the notices, as the notices might be perceived as intimidating, and stressed the need for clarity about the purpose of the visits. Bailey responded that this would be the case. He noted that they would communicate his plan to visit all 70+ neighborhoods and that he would not be carrying a camera or notepad. The purpose of the walkabouts is to communicate as well as interact with the residents to focus on strategic improvements. He indicated that he would be looking at strategic covenant enforcement and ways to improve the use and appearance of BCA open space. Bailey said he would also be looking at foliage, road conditions, and possible drainage issues.

Director Leonard asked about the pools. He asked how many pool studies had already been completed. Several board members answered that two studies had been commissioned. Raimo responded that the BCA had commissioned one pool study a couple of years ago. He noted that no one was satisfied with the quality of that study. Unanswered questions led to the commissioning of the current Club Source Design study, which has given the BCA a wealth of information, including recommendations for next steps. Bailey asked which BCA board members had seen the Club Source Design pool study. The returning four directors responded that they had. The new members will be given a copy of the study.

Director Davis then asked if the BCA Board would receive a pool recommendation in June. Director Bettin asked if the recommendation would answer the question of "does Brandermill needs pools," and if so how many. Bailey indicated that the Club Source Design study contained information addressing those questions and reiterated that he would ensure all the directors had copies of that study.

Director Leonard questioned why we were receiving a proposal for a new study on May 10 prior to receiving a recommendation from the PARC subcommittee. Bailey responded that the BCA has issued a request for information, so there was no cost involved.
Committee Reports
Chair Mamie McNeal stated that the NRC’s report on its April 22 “Proposed 2014 MPOC Projects” meeting was included in the current Board Packet (pages 34-40). The report contained a synopsis of the project presentations and answers to specific questions asked by meeting attendees. She indicated that the NRC has released a survey asking residents to rank the proposed projects, and it had already received a good deal of feedback on the various proposed MPOC projects as well as ideas for Brandermill’s 40th Anniversary celebration. McNeal also noted that there had been discussion regarding the need for leaf pickup and street debris cleanup at this meeting.
2013-2014 BCA Board Strategic Planning Session
President O’Hanley opened discussion to choose a date for the strategic planning session for the Board of Directors to identify the key initiatives for the upcoming Board year. She noted that all Brandermill members are welcome to attend this session. Director Bettin proposed the Board Strategic Planning Session be held Friday, June 7, 2013 from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at Harbour Pointe Clubhouse. This was accepted and agreed upon by the Directors.

Director Bettin asked if the directors could get information on all of the MPOC projects proposed for 2013-14, asking specifically about the off-road trail project. NRC Chair McNeal directed him to the NRC web site for information on all of the proposed MPOC projects, including presentation slides on the off-road trail proposal. Manager Bailey added that all of the directors would talk more about the process to be used to decide the key strategic initiatives.
June 2013 BCA Board Meeting Change
President O’Hanley requested a change of the date for the June BCA Board of Directors meeting from June 3 to June 10. Director Hillman made a motion which was seconded by Director Davis to move the meeting date as requested. The motion passed unanimously, setting the June BCA Board meeting date for June 10, 2013.
Executive Session
Director Hillman moved to go into executive session to discuss legal and personnel matters. This motion was seconded and passed. The BCA Board then went into executive session.
After meeting in executive session, the Board returned to open session and adjourned.

Highlights of May 6, 2013 BCA Board Organizational Meeting

Posted May 11, 2013 at 9:53 AM
Important Note: The following highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

The meeting was called to order by President Dick Guthrie who reminded the members that this was his last meeting as president.

Confidentiality Agreement

Community Manager John Bailey explained the confidentiality agreement to the BCA Board members and received signed agreements from them.
Election of BCA President
Guthrie explained that the purpose of the meeting was to elect new officers for the 2013-2014 BCA Board of Directors. He explained that he would conduct the election of the new president who would then take over to conduct the elections for First Vice President, Second Vice President and Treasurer. He explained the nomination process was for individual Board members to offer their service for a particular officer position, thus placing them in candidacy. He noted that nominations would also be accepted from the floor.

The first nomination for the office of president was received from Director Joan O'Hanley. O'Hanley spoke briefly to give her personal background and reasons for offering her service as president. She listed what she believes to be the primary qualifications for a Board president and said that she believes she has those qualities. She noted her long history of almost 35 years as a Brandermill resident, having lived in four different Brandermill neighborhoods. She described her history of service first as a school teacher in the local school system and then as a Peace Corps volunteer in a village in West Africa. She explained that, during her service in the Peace Corps, she was able to see what was needed to improve the lives of the villagers and then, with the help of many people, achieved those improvements. Among those were the establishment of a library in the village and self-sustaining educational programs to improve the health of the villagers. She listed some of the positions and roles she has filled during her term on the Brandermill Board of Directors. O'Hanley explained that she believes in the original vision for Brandermill and noted that she doesn't feel Brandermill needs to reinvent itself. She wants to help reignite our pride and spirit in Brandermill and reinvigorate our residents. She wants to lead the Board as president because she believes that with the Board, staff and residents all working together, we can achieve solutions to the issues before us and become the best community in the greater Richmond area.

The second nomination for president was received from Director Jack Bettin. Bettin explained his reasons for seeking the office of president. He feels Brandermill is like a beautiful, graceful, ageing home that has not been kept up as well as it could have been. He explained that he wants to spend three years on the BCA Board and, during that time, wants to see much accomplished. He explained that he was running for president because he wants to act now to see movement on important issues facing Brandermill. He had been given advice to be patient because things happen slowly on the BCA Board and in Brandermill. He suggested that maybe things happen too slowly because we are too patient. He advised that, if elected president, he would seek to hold Board meetings twice a month. The first meeting would be devoted to hearing and discussing all the issues and initiatives. The second meeting would be devoted to final questions and to bringing issues to a decision. He also noted that he would continue to work to improve the relationship and teamwork with Chesterfield County.

There being no other nominations for president, Guthrie called for a vote. In a 6:1 vote, Joan O'Hanley was elected as the new president. Dick Guthrie turned over Board leadership to O'Hanley who thanked him for his years of service.
Election of First Vice President, Second Vice President and Treasurer
New President O'Hanley conducted the balance of the BCA officers election. The results of those elections are as follows:

First Vice President: Director Charles Davis
Second Vice President: Director Bob Malek
Treasurer: Director Frances Hillman

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by President O'Hanley.

Please Rank Your Preferences for Proposed 2014 MPOC Projects

Posted May 10, 2013 at 8:36 AM
The NRC would like to represent as many residents as possible in its vote to rank proposed 2014 MPOC projects at the May meeting of MPOC. In order to adequately represent you, we ask that you complete the survey on the NRC web site at Please note that if you missed the April 22 community meeting hosted by the NRC, you can still read about these projects by clicking onto their titles on the survey page. Specific questions asked by meeting attendees may be found in the NRC report (see page 34 of the May 6, 2013 BCA Board packet.

In addition to ranking three MPOC projects (electronic message board, landscaping and off-road trails), the Activities Committee invites you to offer ideas on how you might like to celebrate Brandermill's 40th anniversary.

A topic that has once again reared its head is the BCA offering leaf pickup and debris cleanup along our roads and curbsides for all of Brandermill. Please share your opinion about this idea and, more importantly, how you would like to go about achieving this. For example, would you be willing to pay more in assessments to accomplish this, and if so, how much?

Highlights of BCA 39th Annual Meeting, April 15, 2013

Posted May 3, 2013 at 8:36 AM
Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the below reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

President Dick Guthrie called the meeting to order and asked everyone to join in a 30-second moment of silence to remember those killed or injured in the tragic bombing incident that occurred during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.

Announcement of Quorum and Voting Instructions

President Guthrie asked Community Manager Bailey, Director of Elections, to announce if we had reached quorum for the election. Bailey responded that the quorum requirement of 20% had been exceeded with a total of 27.38% of eligible votes cast in the election as of 5:00 p.m.

President Guthrie then asked for nominations from the floor. There were none.

Bailey asked if there were any ballots to be cast and there being none moved to the voting instructions. He stated that the audit firm Wells Coleman & Co., LLP had been contracted to count the ballots in this year's voting. He described the secure handling of the ballots by the staff as well as the secure delivery of the ballots to Wells Coleman. He noted that the audit firm had approved the process for securing the ballots.

Bailey again asked if there were any ballots to be cast. Seeing that there were none, he declared the polls closed for the 2013 Brandermill Board of Directors election. He directed Wells Coleman to complete the tabulation of the ballots while the meeting proceeded to other matters.


President Guthrie recognized all of the current Directors on the sitting board. He noted that Jason Livingston was finishing his 12th year on the BCA Board. He introduced Joan O'Hanley, the current 1st Vice President and noted that Joyce Rowe, the current 2nd Vice President, was absent but that she had been recognized during last month's BCA Board meeting. He also introduced Treasurer Frances Hillman and Directors Jack Bettin and Charles Davis.

President Guthrie then introduced the candidates for the BCA Board of Directors.

Treasurer's Report

Treasurer Hillman thanked the members of the Finance Committee for their hard work over the last year as well as Accounting Manager Margaret Covington. She noted that our revenues last year were less than budgeted by $549 and that our operating expenses were less than budget by about $18,000. Because we were able to manage our expenses, we are now able to show a net gain of $1,069 before depreciation. Hillman noted that after depreciation, the Association showed a $142,000 loss.

She then stated that our auditing firm, Wells Coleman Co., LLP, had brought several items to the attention of the Finance Committee as a result of the recently completed audit. These included (1) a recommendation to adopt a policy requiring dual signatures on checks over a certain threshold, (2) a recommendation to strengthen controls over petty cash and cash disbursements, and (3) a recommendation to strengthen the allowance for doubtful accounts receivable accounts. She reported that the BCA Board chose not to increase the allowance for doubtful accounts last year, but based on the recommendation of Wells Coleman, she believed the BCA Board should reconsider this for the upcoming fiscal year.

Hillman also indicated that consideration may be given to not fully fund the reserve fund for 2013, but instead to pay for expenses directly from the operating fund, particularly for projects which might have a depreciation component. She indicated that this will be further studied by the Finance Committee with help from the auditing firm, which will run several scenarios to determine what effect this might have on the BCA's financial reporting. She indicated that there would be more information regarding this possible change in the future.

Hillman said that we had not yet received the final audit report but stated the BCA was in good financial health and that the audit was going well.

Manager's Report

Community Manager Bailey reported that he began his employment on January 2, 2013 and thanked the community for the opportunity to serve Brandermill. He reported that he had spent 3 1/2 months reviewing and analyzing the community, including its day-to-day operations, while attending many meetings with staff, work groups, county officials, and VDOT.

He indicated that in May, BCA Staff would conduct a BCA Board orientation for the Directors. He reported that this coming orientation would include a bus tour to explore the entire community. Bailey reported he had driven all 70+ roads in Brandermill and inspected all of the community's facilities. He said that he plans to bike all of the trails and to begin neighborhood-based "walk-abouts" in mid-May. He stated that this would take months and that notices would be going out prior to his walk-abouts. This would offer him an opportunity to interact with the members by "putting feet to the ground" and becoming familiar with the neighborhoods up close. He expressed his conviction that it is time to renew the vision of "what is, was and will be Brandermill". He thanked the Staff and residents for the opportunity to serve and encouraged each member to renew his/her energy by seeking roles to play in Brandermill's future.

President's Report

President Guthrie encouraged the members to review the annual report and noted that it had been a very busy year. He indicated that the BCA Board had been working on a series of strategic work initiatives. He encouraged the members to review those initiatives in the annual report.

He stated that the BCA Board had not anticipated the need to identify a new community manager in early 2012 and that this quest had added a significant amount of time and effort on the Directors' part. It took months of work in a nationwide search, resulting in the BCA Board receiving 45 applications and interviewing over 10 applicants. He expressed the BCA Board's confidence in our new community manager and thanked all of the Directors for their hard work in the process.

Special Recognition

Manager Bailey recognized the departing Board Directors and gave them gifts as a token of our appreciation for their service to Brandermill. He recognized Dick Guthrie, who is retiring from the BCA Board. He stated that Guthrie had served two terms on the Board, serving three years as Treasurer and one year as President. He noted that Jason Livingston had served four terms on the BCA Board in several different offices during his tenure. He again thanked Joyce Rowe, who was not present, for her service in two terms on the BCA Board during which she served two years as President and two years as Treasurer.

The departing Board Directors offered a few remarks. Jason Livingston remembered the leaders who had helped to shape him for his service. He remembered a number of community leaders who are no longer with us: Doc Arnold, Ryland Reamy, George Thacker, Jack Miller, Warren Massenburg, and Ed Moldof. He noted that these leaders had played a very important role in where Brandermill is today and where it will be in the future. He stated that he appreciates his time on the Board and the relationships he has made. He shared that he believes things are looking very good and very bright for the BCA Board and Brandermill.

President Guthrie also recognized past Board members he had served with during his six years on the BCA Board. He acknowledged that a lot of work gets done behind the scenes and noted that the Director role is not a once-a-month meeting. He assured the members that everyone on the BCA Board loves Brandermill and wants the best for our community. He shared Jason Livingston's optimism about the future of Brandermill and thanked Jason Livingston for his 12 years of service as a Director. He also thanked Joyce Rowe for her service and particularly for serving twice as president.

President Guthrie then thanked all of the Brandermill staff for all they do in service to our community.

Voting Results

Manager Bailey as Director of Elections took the floor to thank all of the candidates. He thanked Wells Coleman for their assistance in the election. For details on the BCA election, visit

There being no further business, a motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting. The motion was passed.