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Highlights of December 3, 2012 BCA Board Meeting*

Posted December 15, 2012 at 11:10 AM
*Important Note: The above highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the above reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Member Voice
David Schein (Spring Gate) welcomed new Community Manager John Bailey ("J.B.") to Brandermill. He said that despite his recommendations to conservatively use only contractors, the BCA Board has hired J.B. as an employee. He feels that the BCA Directors does not listen to its homeowners and has neglected its fiduciary responsibilities.

Introduction of New Community Manager
President Guthrie thanked Directors Bettin and Rowe who served as contact persons for the Directors' search committee to find a BCA community manager.

Director Rowe briefly described the manager selection process: (1) publicizing availability of the position nationally for approximately 60 days; (2) reviewing and ranking 43 applicants by all Directors, resulting in 10 candidates; (3) conducting Skype interviews by Directors Rowe and Bettin (with other Directors present); and (4) voting by all Board Directors to hire John S. Bailey ("J.B"). Note: A brief description of J.B.'s background may be found on

J.B., who had visited Brandermill and our staff for the day, thanked the BCA Board for the opportunity to serve Brandermill. He looks forward to "hitting the ground running" on January 2, 2013. He and his wife Meredith are presently looking for a place to live in Brandermill, and both are excited about becoming part of the BCA. Note: J.B. says he is looking for a home to rent in Brandermill, possibly with an option to buy. If you have any leads on the availability of a 4-bedroom home in Brandermill, please contact the BCA with your info.

President's Report
President Guthrie stated that the Chesterfield County Board of Supervisors has unanimously voted 5:0 to approve the Brandermill roundabout sign with required modifications at its November 28 supervisors meeting. He thanked residents and Directors for their support during this approval process.

President Guthrie reported a Brandermill Education Ambassadors ("BEA") event will be hosted by Chesterfield Public Schools on Tuesday, December 11, 2012, 9:30 to 10:30 a.m. in Room 119 of Clover Hill High School. The event will describe how residents can become involved as a BEA. Parties interested in attending this event may contact Dianne Cardea ( for an official invitation.

President Guthrie announced that approximately 45 volunteers attended the BCA Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and that Brandermill is a great place to live because of the time residents volunteer to serve on committees and event activities. He thanked all volunteers for their time and efforts.

Directors' Reports
  • Pool Analysis Update. Director Jason Livingston who attended this BCA Board meeting via teleconferencing gave a broad overview of his written report (see page 6 of the December 3, 2012 Board information packet). He, Al Raimo and Bobby Joyner met with representatives of Club Source Design to review the preliminary report on November 7. He reported that generally the existing pools can be used for universal access (UPA). Not surprisingly, there are deficiencies with the pools regardless of the usage model, e.g., bathroom facilities, handicap access (ADA), deck furniture and systems. This limited engagement with Club Source Design does not include the costs to remediate the problems or any possible enhancements to the pools. The final report from Club Source Design will be available in January 2013.
  • Marketing Plan Update (see page 7-24 of the December 3, 2012 Board information packet). Director Bettin thanked Al Raimo and Dennis Peterson for their time and effort in this endeavor. There were over 500 responses to the surveys. Representatives of Touch of Technology held in-person meetings during the week of November 13 with past presidents of the BCA Board, four different real estate firms, key members of the community, members of MPOC, BCA staff and commercial members (including the Tennis Club, the Brandermill Country Club and The Boathouse). A draft report will be presented to the BCA Board on December 14. The final report (to be submitted in January 2013) should include recommendations on how to increase web presence, means to strengthen relationships with commercial members and strategies to drive new homebuyers to Brandermill.
  • Enhance the Look of Brandermill - Curbside Leaf Pickup. Director Hillman felt that the BCA Board did not support the curbside leaf pickup pilot program presented at the November 2012 Board meeting, so she solicited ideas and comments on this initiative. In particular, she asked the other Directors if (1) curbside leaf pickup should be offered as an amenity (paid from assessments) or if (2) it should be offered as a service with the BCA acting as administrator and residents negotiating/paying vendors directly.

    President Guthrie supported the latter suggestion, stating that he liked the contract model (preferred vendor source) presently being used in the bagster program.

    Director Rowe asked for clarification of the proposed November program. Director Hillman stated that the program reflected residents blowing their leaves to the curbside within a 2-week window of when a BCA-contracted vendor would pick up the leaves.

    Director Livingston asked what specific problem the Board was trying to solve. Director Hillman replied that with our volume of trees, the large amount of fallen leaves presented an aesthetic problem to the look of Brandermill and could possibly create drainage issues. This program would complement the current tree management program.

    Director O'Hanley liked the idea of having a preferred vendor source but felt that residents should pay the vendor direct.

    Director Davis asked Director Livingston if he had specific objections to this initiative. Director Livingston stated that he did not feel that the problem was well-defined. He understands the need for BCA open space to be maintained but thought that the explanation dealt with resident motivation to maintain private property and the abundance of leaves within Brandermill. He is also concerned with the BCA taking on the expense of this initiative.

    President Guthrie asked Chair Dianne Cardea if the Community Character Committee has had discussions on community leaf pickup. She responded that over the years the residents had requested for a source of leaf pickup, but no specifics have yet been discussed.

    Director Rowe suggested that the BCA web site be expanded to provide a list of vendors for leaf pickup as well as other services needed to maintain our community. This would leave various service options open to the residents, and contracting would be done strictly between vendor and resident.

    Chair Cardea stated that she was to meet with Jennifer Strader the following day to discuss expanding the BCA web site to include a list of preferred vendors. Director Davis asked how that might impact Village Mill advertisers. Chair Cardea replied that this expansion would help to promote those advertisers. President Guthrie felt that it would be helpful to the residents if the BCA brokered the vendors listed on the web site.

    Both Directors Bettin and Davis supported President Guthrie's and Director Rowe's suggestion of the BCA vetting vendors and then listing them on the BCA web site. Director Bettin was not supportive of the BCA collecting monies.

    NRC Chair Mamie McNeal stated that during the past 2-3 years, residents have requested that the BCA offer leaf pickup. This was in response to the question "how do you want your assessment monies spent". She suggested that having leaf pickup would augment the tree management service in creating a cleaner, neater look throughout Brandermill.

  • Communications Task Force Update. Director Joan O'Hanley reported that the BCA web site is presently being updated more frequently with news and events. The Task Force is now waiting for recommendations from the Marketing Plan to further enhance the BCA web site. On-line bill pay of assessments will be implemented in 2013 as Forward Pass is presently working with Woodlake to implement their initiative first. Director O'Hanley feels that on-line bill pay for Brandermill would help to drive traffic to the BCA web site.
  • Veterans Curbside Sanitation Pickup. Director Rowe stated that she had been contacted by several residents about the County's offer to pick up trash from the curbsides of qualified veterans. She agreed with the Board's past decision to not permit trash receptacles be placed curbside but wondered if the Board could contact our County Supervisor about allowing County representatives to pick up trash from other areas of the veterans' properties. President Guthrie asked that Acting Community Manager Raimo send such a request to our Supervisor.

    Community Manager's Report (see page 25-26 of the December 3, 2012 Board information packet)
    The BCA Board approved Brian Regurt (Shadow Ridge) to serve on the Marketing Committee, and Monika Fitzgerald (Commodore Pointe) to serve on the Community Character Committee.

    Weather permitting, tree management will begin in January as will neighborhood street cleaning/leaf removal.

    Skinquarter Landfill Proposal
    Director Davis reported that the questions submitted by Woodlake regarding the Skinquarter Landfill proposal have not yet been answered and suggested that Brandermill participate in a meeting to include surrounding communities as the landfill proposal moves through the County process.

    Community Improvement Grant (see page 33-35 of the December 3, 2012 Board information packet)
    The Community Improvement Grant request for $340.21 to beautify the circle located in Harbour Bluff Terrace was approved by the BCA Board.

    Return from Executive Session
    Universal Pool Access Process. Following the approval of the tree management contract, Director Livingston raised a question related to the next steps in the Universal Pool Access/Pool Study (UPA) process. The majority of the BCA Directors determined that these discussions should occur as an agenda item ("Presentation on Pool Study") at its January 7, 2013 BCA Board meeting. President Guthrie also requested staff to begin identifying a date and location for a community meeting in late January or early February for a presentation by Club Source Design and for receiving community feedback. Additional actions related to holding additional community meetings and resident input to UPA will be considered at the January 7, 2013 BCA Board meeting.

    Seeking Nominations for 2013 NRC Slate of Officers

    Posted December 15, 2012 at 11:10 AM
    The NRC Nominating Committee is currently looking for nominations for the following two positions:

    • Second Vice Chair: This individual will be involved in scheduling NRC and community meetings as well as setting up the programs for NRC meetings.
    • Treasurer: This individual will be involved with the NRC budget (a very small budget) and should attend BCA Finance Committee meetings, if possible.

    Please consider volunteering yourself or nominating someone for these positions. Names of interested persons should be sent to the Douglas A. Wayne (, Chair, NRC Nominating Committee. Thanks for volunteering!