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Summary of 10/11/2010 BCA Board Meeting and Finance Presentation

Posted October 23, 2010 at 1:28 PM

*Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the above reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Draft 2011 Budget Presentation by Finance Committee
Buddy Whitfield, Chair, Finance Committee

Process Overview. Starting in June, the Finance Committee collects data from BCA Staff as to how department expenditures may "roll up" by year-end. The Committee then meets with the BCA Board to discuss what their priorities might be and gets guidance from the Board on what objectives need to be met with next year's budget. With that information, the Committee creates an initial draft of the budget from current fiscal financial data and recommends changes to meet the goals and objectives of the BCA Board.

This initial draft is generally presented to the Board in August, and the Finance Committee garners additional guidance from the Board to fine-tune the draft to be presented to the community. Until the BCA Board approves the budget, the Committee may be asked by the Board to make changes to the draft budget, including proposed assessment increases. The BCA publishes a copy of the approved budget 30 days prior to the end of the year to meet legal requirements.

One of the differences between this year's and the previous year's budgets is the funding of master plan projects. The Board had also previously asked the Finance Committee to generate a "functional budget" presentation for the community this year.

Fund Definitions and Uses Summary

Operating Fund: Day-to-day operation of the association which includes such expenditures as employer expenses, landscaping, non-capital equipment, utilities, insurance, supplies, community events, repairs and maintenance.

Capital Reserve Fund: Funds set aside to replace existing capital items such as resurfacing of bike paths and decks, concrete at the pools, and vehicle and equipment replacement.

Capital Improvement Fee Fund: Funds to acquire or build new capital items not covered by the Reserve Fund. This fund is sourced from capital fees collected on home sales or as set aside by the BCA Board, and may be used for such expenditures as stone walls, new decks, playgrounds and picnic tables.

Objectives of 2011 Budget
  • Meet or exceed 2010 service levels
  • Manage controllable expenses
  • Accomplish 2011 staff project priorities
  • Support master plan priorities
  • BCA staff salary pool increase (no increase in 2010, requested 3% salary pool increase in 2011)
  • Prudently manage reserve and capital funds
  • Anticipate and mitigate significant risks
  • Minimize financial impact to residents

Finance Committee Review
  • Approve the presented budget (2.5% assessment increase, $0.87/monthy per residence)
  • Complete 2011 projects as presented
  • Continue to fully fund the Reserve Fund and spend appropriately
  • Conduct review of BCA communications for future efficiency, costs and effectiveness
  • Evaluate how to increase covenant enforcement effectiveness without adding personnel
  • If the BCA Board must reduce the assessment increase, options might include (1) short fund the Reserve Fund, (2) reduce the number of projects and (3) reduce staff salary increases. Change Proposal to Draft Budget

Although Dr. Friedel shows support for most of the Finance Committee's recommendations, he does propose that the 2011 budget reflect three changes in order to yield a 0% assessment in the 2011 budget: (1) maintain the cost of employees' total compensation plans at their 2010 levels, (2) reduce the cost of consultants to the ARB and the Natural Resources Committee by 50%, and (3) increase the operating contingency line item by 74%. He states that the major purpose for the proposed change is to continue to enhance property values and community quality of life at optimal costs, especially during this national economic downturn.

Member Voice

Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) praised Buddy Whitfield and the Finance Committee for their excellent work on the draft budget. Whitfield acknowledges and praises the cooperation and work done by members of the Finance Committee.

Charlie Davis (Commodore Point) points to the fact that County and State employees have not received salary increases over the past two years. He feels that any assessment increase, particularly for salaries, would not be for the benefit of the community during these harsh economic times.

Bob Malek (Regatta Pointe) asks about the reduced budgeted amount in landscaping (from $168,200 in 2010 to $136,600 in 2011). President Rowe responds that the reduction was the result of the Board renegotiating a landscaping contract and that there should be no reduction in the level of services.

Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) comments that he is a business owner with 80 employees and appreciates the increasing cost of employee benefits. He asks if further cost savings couldn't be had in BCA employee healthcare benefits.

Dick English (Winterberry Ridge) compliments Whitfield and the Finance Committee on the work they have done on the 2011 budget. Based on his past work experience with budgets, he questions whether a complete review of employee costs isn't warranted, especially with it being about 50% of the total budget. Although he agrees that good work should be rewarded, he does not feel that salary increases should be granted at this time. He supports Director Friedel's budget proposal.

Kelly Starbuck (Planter's Wood) notes that as a County employee, she has not received a salary increase for the past three years. She finds it somewhat offensive that the BCA is even considering a salary increase for its staff.

Karen Gammons (NRC Treasurer and NRC Rep for Two Notch) thanks Director Friedel for acknowledging the economic situation of many Brandermill residents. She also thanks the BCA Staff and all volunteers for their quality work; however, under current economic conditions, she does not feel an assessment increase will be viewed favorably. She supports Director Friedel's proposed changes to the 2011 budget.

June Rayfield (Shallowford Landing Terrace) shares her concerns about master plan projects. In particular, she feels that landscaping of the front entrance is not a project to be pursued in 2011, but rather, replacement of the antiquated Market Square sign would be a more worthy expenditure of funds, especially if better positioning of the sign is considered. She reminds us that the master plan is a resource, not a mandated manual. She also suggests the BCA Board market to some of the existing 13,000 residents by indicating that they are listening to the residents.

Board Discussion of Proposed Budget

Director Guthrie states that the budget process has been unfolding for several months. It follows the direction given by the Board at its July budget workshop and follows the objectives established last year for the 2010 budget. He agrees that he and Director Friedel have a fundamental disagreement that BCA employees are the community's most valuable asset. This staff asset is needed to preserve the appearance and unique quality of Brandermill. Most of the BCA staff work in the Maintenance Department and earn about $12/hour. He urges the Board to support the draft budget proposed by the Finance Committee.

Director McLenagan expresses that he has heard concerns throughout the community about a possible salary increase (especially as residents themselves have not received recent pay raises) as well as the need for stronger covenant enforcement. He feels that the community is asking the Maintenance staff to maintain or increase its level of service while not supporting them financially. He supports a 2.5% assessment increase as presented in the draft budget proposed by the Finance Committee.

Director Livingston acknowledges the comments from the residents in the audience and leans toward the side of 0% assessment increase. He suggests that the Board consider Dr. Friedel's proposed changes to the draft budget.

Director Hillman supports a no-salary-increase change to the draft budget. She notes that thousands of companies across the country are making these same hard decisions, and employees are asked to work harder for less. She acknowledges the residents' concerns about any assessment increase at this time and feels that the residents just don't have the income right now to support a salary increase. She also states that she fully appreciates BCA staff and all the hard work they do.

Director McGinniss feels that the discussion is centered around salary increases, where it would be just as easy to reduce assessments by not building the stone walls or replacing picnic tables or any other line item project. He cites that the main function of a planned community is for protection and to keep home values up. To say that we are not going to invest because the economy is bad is not something he fully understands. As a business person, he sees the "function of the Board is to use the 'profits' [asessments] of the community to raise home values". He supports the proposed draft budget with the salary increase and sees the proposed draft budget as an investment in our community.

All Board members thank the members of the Finance Committee for their work.

President Rowe asks NRC Treasurer Gammons about the cost of its September 26 BBQ meeting. She calculates that the event may have cost the BCA $50/meal for 19 NRC reps and asks who authorized the expenditure. Director Livingston asks about the relevancy of that NRC reference to the total draft budget being considered. President Rowe responds that it was relevant because the NRC has requested $3,500 as its 2011 budget. She further states that BCA monies are not for parties; although the Crime Prevention Committee does sponsor a National Night Out event, it includes the entire community. She suggests committee budgets going forward should be reviewed by the Treasurer and the Finance Committee.

Gammons responds that based on the NRC's charter, it was the primary function of the NRC to share communications with all Brandermill residents, both to and from the Board. Most of the requested amount in the budget has to do with flyers as not all residents have e-mail accounts. President Rowe suggested that the NRC time the delivery of their flyers to coincide with the delivery of The Village Mill and the Activities Committee in order to save costs. Gammons also reminds the Board that the 2010 NRC budget was submitted by the 2009 NRC chair, and in 2010, there was a different chair. She had inquired with BCA staff if the 2010 budget had to be spent in the specific categories and was told that the NRC could spend its monies in the most effective manner they saw fit.

President Rowe asks who authorized the $1,074 expenditure for meals. NRC Membership Chair Bev Bell responds that there were over 40 people in attendance at this meeting, based on the sign-in sheets that she maintains. She notes that this event was a membership drive to get more residents participating as NRC reps. Prior to the meeting she called the NRC reps inviting them to bring some of their neighbors who might be interested in becoming reps to the event and had a head count of over 70 people who said they would attend.

Director Guthrie feels that the question had been asked and answered, and requests that the discussion return to the Board about the draft budget. He feels that the Board should not "pass the buck" back to the Finance Committee at the 11½ hour but rather vote on the proposed draft budget as presented.

Chair Whitfield responds that it is the Finance Committee's function to present a budget that reflects the will of the BCA Board. If the Board feels that amendments need to be made to the proposed budget, then the Finance Committee would take guidance from the Board and do so. He feels confident that the Committee could make whatever changes requested by the Board for its November Board meeting.

When asked by Director Hillman for her perception of what she has heard at the meeting, Community Manager Pritz remarks that it is clear that residents are not in favor of salary increases and that they also want to review the projects slated for 2011. However, Pritz recommends that if there are any monies left, the Board members should remember the extraordinary efforts of the Maintenance staff in clearing last winter's snow.

After much discussion, the Board voted against a 3% salary pool increase for 2011.

In order to give guidance to the Finance Committee, Director Livingston makes a motion to direct the Finance Committee, in principle, to develop a draft budget which has a 0% salary increase. Director Friedel seconds the motion. Based on unallocated monies, the Board will decide which projects being funded by the operating budget will move forward. This motion passed.

Director Livingston makes a motion to direct the Finance Committee, in principle, to develop a draft budget which has a 0% assessment increase for 2011 at the 2010 assessment rate. Director Friedel seconded the motion. This motion failed.

Member Voice

Prior to residents speaking, President Rowe responds to several questions previously asked. She states that MPOC will be reviewing the conversion period by which new mailbox units are to be installed. Residents needing to replace their new mailbox units may do so now based on the Board approved mailbox unit design. There is a price incentive for residents to replace their mailbox units within the first year. There is one vendor who can manufacture the mailbox units and the specifications. Residents may pick up the specifications to build their own mailbox units now.

President Rowe explains the fees for the violations process. Residents will receive a violation letter with notice that they may appear before the Hearing Panel if they are in disagreement with the stated violation. If the Hearing Panel rules that a violation does exist, residents will generally have 7-10 days to comply. If compliance is not met, residents will begin to accrue fees from the date of the Hearing Panel meeting. There may be an additional 60-90 days to comply, and if compliance is reached during that period, the fees are generally waived. If, at the end of that period, compliance is not achieved, the account is turned over to a collection agency.

Bob Malek (Regatta Pointe) asks that the draft budget be presented earlier than 2-3 weeks before the Board has to vote on it.

Charlie Davis (Commodore Point) asks the Board to install a PA system of some kind so that the audience could hear what is being said by the Board members.

A Spring Gate resident says that he and his wife rode through Huntsbridge and saw two of the new mailbox units. He learned from Warren Ragsdale at the meeting that those mailboxes were retrofitted at a cost of $22 each. He feels that $155 was a little bit too much, but $22 is a little bit more manageable. This may present a solution to calm the mailbox issue down.

Jerry Barnes (Sterling's Bridge) asks how the commercial mailboxes are to be handled. He compliments the Board on its passage of a "no solicitation" policy, as he has found it to be a great help in curtailing solicitation.

NRC Treasurer Karen Gammons states that she wanted to go on record that the September 26 NRC BBQ was a recruitment event and a thank-you to current NRC reps who do a lot of legwork in the community. We had expected a higher attendance, but bad weather right before the event may have caused people to stay home. We did spend $1,074 out of a $2 million budget of BCA money on the event. The money was in our budget, and with all the things moving forward at the BCA, we feel it extremely important to communicate with our neighbors. In addition, the NRC Treasurer, Chair and Communications Chair agree to spend the money in this manner, and BCA staff gave us a check to pay the vendor prior to the event.

NRC Officers Meeting - November 4th

Posted October 20, 2010 at 10:09 AM
Meeting of NRC officers with BCA Board Executive Committee
November 4, 2010
7 p.m.
BCA Conference Room

Safely Dispose of Unused Medicines

Posted October 9, 2010 at 4:14 PM
After years of colds and headaches, health issues and ER visits, many household's medicine cabinets start looking less like a cabinet and more like a pharmacy! It is not easy to know what can be thrown out with the garbage and what needs to be taken for professional disposal. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has released a general guidance document ("How to Dispose of Unused Medicines") on how to safely handle the disposal of household medications.

In addition, Poison Control Centers and Health Departments have scheduled medication disposal events throughout the year. The next event will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2010 at Rockwood Park near the intersection of Hull Street and Courthouse Road. This event is sponsored by the Virginia Poison Control Center and will be arranged in a drive-through format. Just drive up, drop your unwanted, unused or expired medications off and drive away. Any veterinary, prescription, or over-the-counter medications can be brought by. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Virginia Poison Control Center at (804) 828-4780.

Message courtesy of Regina Knapps, Resident of Planter's Wood

BCA Board of Directors Meeting and Draft Budget Presentation

Posted October 9, 2010 at 4:10 PM
Monday, October 11, 2010
7:00 p.m.
Ivy Room, Brandermill Woods

Finance Committee will be presenting the 2011 draft budget to Brandermill residents. A 15-minutes Member Voice session follows the presentation. The information packet is available for downloading from 20101011-Board-Finance-Packet.pdf.

Highlights of the October 4, 2010 BCA Board Meeting*

Posted October 9, 2010 at 3:56 PM

* The highlights below are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the above reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Disclaimer: The BCA neither approves or agrees these highlights are accurate. Approved minutes of the October 4, 2010 Board meeting will be published in The Village Mill and on the BCA web site.

Member Voice

  • When-Dee Morrison (Huntgate Woods) feels the issue about the mailboxes needs to be returned to the residents, the decision invoked by the BCA Board at its last meeting should be repealed, and the process needs to be done appropriately.
  • Andy Morrison (Huntgate Woods) supports the above statement made by When-Dee Morrison.
  • Mary Robinson (Fox Chase) thanks the Board for all it does, especially for creating resident parking at North Beach Pool and working with VDOT and Chesterfield County to get a roundabout near the new high school. She applauds the Board's and MPOC's efforts to maintain Brandermill's character. She does question, however, the arbitrary and possibly punitive actions of the Community Standards Department: (1) Why are homes adjacent to the golf course held to a higher standard by the Standards Department than other homes in Brandermill? (2) Why were homes cited for mailbox alterations, yet these homes were not cited for decorating it with the American flag, "bring the troops home" magnets, Christmas decoration wrappings, and football paraphernalia. She states that the community acknowledges the need for a Standards Department to enforce covenants, but the Department needs the respect of the residents to do an effective job.
  • Rin Barkdull (Northwich) says that she has several issues to present to the Board. (1) She asks why a roundabout and not a traffic signal is being placed at the new high school as roundabouts are dangerous for pedestrians. (2) Having only two minutes to speak, she quickly says that she is against the mailbox update. (3) Most important, she feels the Board has hastily taken a vote on the mailbox issue. To support her claim, she says that the latest set of minutes on the Brandermill web site are the August 2, 2010 minutes, and that the August issue of The Village Mill stated the mailbox issue was to be discussed. She asks that the BCA Board "promote the spirit of Brandermill residents by improving BCA communications, soliciting input from residents …" as stated on page 265 of the master plan.
  • John King (Quail Hill), a 76-year-old resident who describes himself as a product of the Great Depression, states he and his wife are retirees living on fixed income. Because of our country's financial situation, Congress did not approve an annual cost-of-living increase in his pension this year, and their private health insurance premium has increased $600. He also notes that food, clothing, and utilities will increase for everyone. He cites Benjamin Franklin: "A penny saved is a penny earned". He suggests that people are not penny-wise when it comes to spending other people's monies and that replacement of Brandermill mailboxes are neither logical nor warranted.
  • June Rayfield (Shallowford Landing) believes that the issue of mailbox replacement can be put to rest by placing it to a referendum vote. She reports that MailboxesByAdkins was told that brown mailboxes were not to be installed for Brandermill residents, and that six months earlier, residents had already begun to install black mailboxes. She says that nowhere in the master plan could she find where the mailboxes were to be replaced, but rather they were to be maintained.
  • Rich Swyers (Sterling's Bridge) states that he is not in favor of replacing all Brandermill residential mailboxes. He challenges the Board to show where articles were frequently published in The Village Mill and Brandermill web site indicating a motion to replace residential mailboxes, whether needed or not. Both BCA media indicated only a new mailbox design and not a mandatory replacement of mailboxes. He also believes he was misquoted in The Village Mill and reiterated that he has never been in favor of mandatory replacement of the mailboxes.
  • Naomi Swyers (Sterling's Bridge) exclaims that she "got one!" She has received a covenant violation notice. She cites the CCC's report from the Standards Department: "Mrs. Talty also reports that they are not issuing violations at this time due to the proposed change in structure" (page 11 of September 9, 2010 Board Packet, Part 2). She asks if she received a violation notice because her mailbox was yellow?
  • Jerry Barnes (NRC Rep, Sterling's Bridge) represents that most of his neighbors are against mandatory replacement of the mailboxes and questions the ethical behavior of the BCA in citing just yellow mailboxes.
  • Adrienne May (Winterberry) suggests that the BCA publishes the unapproved draft of Board minutes as soon after the meeting as possible, saying that this "almost instantaneous" type of communication is common today. A delay in publishing the BCA Board's information creates as much difficulty as mis-information does. She expressed her gratitude to all the Board members because she realizes how hard the Directors work for very little gratitude most of the time.
  • Andrea Epps (Steeple Chase) speaks on the implementation of the master plan. She addresses the master plan as a "guide, a living document" that originated from Brandermill residents. In planning terms, this "living document" should not be watered down or used to benefit just a few over increasing the property values of the many. An example of this is the project proposed for The Landing. The master plan calls for a complete redesign of Commodore Pointe; the conceptual is located on page 103 of the master plan. Are we going to do plans, detailed schematics, and phase analysis? Who is the project manager? When will residents actually be able to participate in the actual design process? She recommends that the Board find someone with the necessary experience to work with MPOC to guide the implementation process, and that the projects be deferred back to MPOC so a proper process may be completed prior to project funds being spent.
  • Warren Ragsdale (Huntsbridge) expressed his concern about how little information is available to residents. He comments that several BCA staff members do no live in Brandermill, and he feels that BCA management needs to hire qualified Brandermill residents. He asked the BCA Board over a year ago to appoint an independent committee to conduct a survey to evaluate how the BCA staff is doing but has yet to see this done. On learning that a Board member was surprised about the backlash on the mailbox vote, he suggests that the next time an issue comes up, the other BCA Directors should contact Director Hillman as she attends community/neighborhood meetings and has heard the residents' feedback.
  • John Borden (Bayport Landing) recognizes Brandermill resident, Tommy Baer, Esquire who recently received the prestigious Humanitarian Award. He was the first commodore of the Marina Association and works with the Brandermill Woods Foundation. Chesterfield County Circuit Court Judge Timothy J. Hauler applauds Baer for his "dignity" and "sterling reputation" as a committed and competent attorney serving Chesterfield and surrounding areas. Borden continues to say that Baer exemplifies the leadership, ethics, and values important to all of us and asks that the Board prepare a resolution to recognize Baer's contribution to the welfare of our community.
  • Pat Goldberg (Northwich) feels that on-going general maintenance is required for some existing mailboxes. During these economically difficult times, she feels we need to make fiscally and environmentally sound decisions to take care of what we already have.
  • Ralph Guiser (Turtle Hill) commends committee members for all their hard work. For the first time in 20 years, he feels embarrassed to say he lives in Brandermill. He hears that people do not buy homes in Brandermill because of the shenanigans of management. He feels that the correct way to implement the mailbox design change is to have residents requiring new mailboxes replace the old ones with the new design.
  • Tom Doyle (Huntsbridge) proposes for safety reasons that the Board select a type of reflective number to be used on existing mailboxes so that EMT and fire personnel may find our homes, especially since GPS does not always fully display locations in Brandermill.
  • Helen O'Neill (McTyre's Cove) says her daughter decided not to buy a lot in a locale because the mailboxes were "ugly". However, there are other things wrong within our neighborhoods, but it's not the mailboxes. Covenants must be enforced. Our unclean and unkempt streets with heavy overhangings also create an "ugly" neighborhood appearance.
  • Jay Lafler (Huntgate Woods) responds to what he considers a flippant statement made by the BCA Board and Staff about collecting fees because of the yellow mailboxes. Because he felt offended by the statement, he painted his mailbox yellow. He also seconds the motion for a commendation for Tommy Baer. As an added note, he is appalled that the media was not allowed to attend the meeting.
  • President Rowe responded by saying that the media has misquoted her, and that at no time did the BCA say it would start collecting fines immediately. The BCA's focus has always been about covenant enforcement, not collecting fees. She has also lodged a complaint with the News Director at one of the TV stations which erroneously reported information.

President's Report

In addition to her written report (page 7 of October 4, 2010 Board packet), President Rowe said that the BCA Board had received notification from Art Warren that the Chesterfield Board of Supervisors has approved a roundabout for Old Hundred Road at the new high school. The BCA Board supports the roundabout because there are less critical injuries than with a signal light. Given the number of inexperience drivers leaving the high school, it was felt that this was a safer alternative.

After discussing No Parking signs along Millridge Parkway at a breakfast meeting, the County Chief of Police followed up, and it is determined that the No Parking signs will be placed along Millridge Parkway between Long Shadow and Old Fox Trail. These signs should be in place within the next 30-60 days.

In an effort to get accurate information out to the residents in a timely manner, President Rowe has organized a task force to discuss possibilities to achieve that goal. Members of this task force are John McLenagan, Keith McGinnis, Wendy Parker, and Jane Pritz.

Director's Report

Director McGinnis reports that the Steering Committee for the County Comprehensive Plan will meet next on November 1. He will take the BCA Board's feedback on how the Plan impacts Brandermill at that time.

With regards to the mailbox issue, Director McGinnis believes all the Directors are working for the betterment of the community, and no Board member has any personal or ulterior motives for supporting this initiative. He adds that residents should express their opinions but also noted that personal attacks do not serve their cause.

Director McLenagan says that the BCA Board took a lot of heat at this meeting, but he does thank everyone for taking the time to attend the meeting. He encourages residents to attend Board meetings, whether they're in agreement with the Board or not. The Board needs residents to be engaged, and he appreciates the attendees' participation in the meeting.

Director Guthrie points out that there are several committees looking for new members. He asks that residents participate on a committee of their interest.

Community Manager's Report

Community Manager Pritz personally thanks each of the Board Directors for their time and efforts. The BCA Staff appreciates it as well.

Community Pritz's report starts on page 7 of the October 4, 2010 Board packet. Director Guthrie adds that the BCA Directors met with senior County officials and School Board members for three hours on September 29 to discuss issues pertinent to Brandermill. Thanks to President Rowe's leadership, these meetings will now be held once a quarter. He continues by saying that each Director serves without compensation and does it because he/she cares about Brandermill. Regardless of whether residents agree with a Director's decision, know that it was made with the best intentions for the community as a whole.

Assistant Community Manager's Report

The BCA Board approved Kyle Draucker (Shady Pointe) and Curtis Whitham (Seven Oaks) as new members for the Activities Committee.

Assistant Community Manager Raimo also announced that Chris Schwarz was elected chair of the Activities Committee.

Community Character Committee

On behalf of the CCC, chair Dianne Cardea personally thanks the Board for its work. The committee has selected its first award-winning home, and it will be announced in the upcoming issue of The Village Mill.

Natural Resources Committee

Dr. Greg Garman, Director of Environmental Studies, VCU responded to chair Susan Smith and suggested that the Natural Resources Committee contact the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), as his department did not have the expertise needed to write a proposal to be sent out to engineering firms for bids on a shoreline erosion survey.

Chair Smith contacted Dr. David Aho of the DCR's Erosion and Sediment Control Program. Although his program is designed to work with businesses and construction projects, Dr. Aho has offered to meet with Al Raimo, Theresa Biagioli, Susan Smith and Jane Pritz to discuss possibilities for doing our own shoreline erosion survey. He has offered his technical expertise to the Committee and will be talking to his contacts at the County to see what resources are available to us regarding this project.


Andrea Epps (Steeple Chase) presented the NRC report for chair Mamie McNeal as she was ill. The report reflected discussions that occurred at the September 26 NRC meeting. A copy of the report may be downloaded from NRC-Report-to-BCA-20101004.pdf.

Motion to Approve Cap Fee Proxy/Ballot

After discussion, the Board moved to amend the proxy/ballot (see page 27 of the October 4, 2010 Board packet), and Staff will present the updated proxy/ballot at the next Board meeting.

July 4th Fireworks Discussion

It had previously been decided that the Community Character Committee would send a community-wide survey to Brandermill residents. Director Friedel suggests that perhaps the survey should reflect that this need not be a permanent change. Director Guthrie suggests that the BCA hold focus group discussions about the fireworks and in particular, if the fireworks helped to create a sense of community. Director McLenagan says that the 4th of July celebrations should emphasize more than just the fireworks as a community event. It is recommended that (1) the survey be recrafted by Wendy Parker and then sent back to the Community Character Committee for review, and (2) resident discussions be held during the showing of MPOC charrettes.

Information Packet for October 4, 2010 BCA Board Meeting

Posted October 2, 2010 at 4:19 PM
Information packet for the upcoming BCA Board meeting is now available for downloading: 20101004-Board-Packet.pdf.

We encourage residents to attend BCA Board meetings to learn of Brandermill "happenings". For a quick snapshot of what the BCA Board will be discussing, download the packet and read the agenda on page 1.

Correction to Natural Resources Committee's Report

Posted October 2, 2010 at 4:18 PM
Please note that the following is the correct report presented by the Natural Resources Committee at the September 7, 2010 BCA Board meeting:

Chair Susan Smith reported that the committee is starting to work on the long-term MPOC project of a shoreline erosion survey. Scott Flanagan with the Environmental Engineering Department of Chesterfield County was contacted to seek names of engineering firms who are qualified to conduct a shoreline erosion survey. Chair Smith has begun doing internet research on the referred firms. The committee has also written to Dr. Greg Garman, Director of Environmental Studies, VCU, to seek assistance in creating a scope of work statement to be submitted to these engineering firms.

NRC Training Session

Posted October 2, 2010 at 4:16 PM
Tuesday, October 5
7:00 p.m.
Harbour Pointe Clubhouse

To ensure we have enough printed materials, NRC reps should RSVP to ASAP.