March 17, 2016: The BCA releases "Frequently-Asked-Questions on the Pool Compromise and Universal Pool Access"

February 27, 2016: The BCA releases a synopsis of the "History of BCA Pools."

February 3, 2016: An e-mail entitled "Message from President Davis regarding 'Pool Compromise'" was issued, describing BCA Board's compromise to gradually initiate universal pool access.

December 2, 2013: BCA Board authorizes RFP to be issued for maintenance of pools at its regular December 2, 2013 Board meeting.

Presentations on BCA Pools

June 10, 2013: Pool Presentation to BCA Board of Directors by PARC's Subcommittee

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September 25, 2012: Pool Presentation by BCA Director Jason Livingston at Community Meeting hosted by the NRC

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