Highlights of June 4, 2012 BCA Board Meeting*

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* The highlights below are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the above reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy. It is recommended to all readers that they read the approved BCA Board Meeting minutes when published.

Member Voice

David Schein (Spring Gate) voiced concerns about the fiduciary responsibility of the Board as well as the lack of separation between the Board and staff members, assessments being raised during a housing crisis, BCA pools needing more analysis, and holding Chesterfield County more responsible in their duties such as cleaning the street signs instead of BCA maintenance staff.

President's Report

President Guthrie noted the Brandermill History Project is in full swing with almost 20 members and lots of historical documents and artifacts coming in. He hopes to find a collaborative partner such as the Chesterfield Historical Society or a university that will assist Brandermill in evaluating the historical value of items collected and then be the repository of those items. He encourages anyone who may have a piece of Brandermill history to please contact the BCA office.

Directors' Reports

  • Director O'Hanley stated a report is in the works for the Communications Task Force and that the survey results will be posted in the July issue of The Village Mill. She also stated that the NRC will host a community meeting to get resident feedback on the Task Force's recommendation after the Board's Strategic Workshop on June 23.
  • Director O'Hanley noted that the Green Market is a huge success with lots of attendees, and Jennifer Strader and her volunteer staff are to be commended for their efforts. The NRC has been present at the Green Market since its opening this year and most recently, have been trying to get feedback on 2013 MPOC projects.

Manager's Report

  • In addition to her written Manager's Report (see page 8 of June 4, 2012 BCA Board Information Packet), Manager Pritz gave an updated count of pool memberships, stating that there are now 488 resident memberships and 58 non-resident.
  • Mr. Cookson's proposed by-law amendment (see page 9 of June 4, 2012 BCA Board Information Packet) was introduced, after which Director Davis asked what the "normal BCA policy might be in responding to residents". President Guthrie responded that the BCA Board wants to respond to all residents, and Manager Pritz replied that she and Mr. Cookson had talked on the phone prior to the letter being added to the Board Information Packet. It appears that the proposed amendment is trying to address the issue of renters serving on the BCA Board. Director Livingston pointed out that the BCA by-laws are silent as to the residency of BCA Board Directors and wondered how Mr. Cookson's proposed amendment would address such issues as tenants of commercial properties who are generally not property owners. Director Davis commented that residents could always not vote for a non-property owner. After much discussion, the BCA Board decided to not entertain this proposed amendment at this time.
  • Director Hillman asked when the Directors' contact information would be posted to the BCA web site. Manager Pritz indicated that she had not yet gotten any Director information to post.
  • Director Rowe suggested that the process be more of an "opt-out" process, so that the Manager could proceed with posting each Director's name, phone number and e-mail address on the BCA web site. Director Hillman also proposed the use of e-mail aliases.
  • Director Hillman asked if (1) the water levels had been measured and (2) if the committees had been contacted about their 2013 budget requests. Manager Pritz replied in the affirmative in both cases.

MPOC Project Update Director Livingston asked for more information about the pool analysis. Assistant Manager Raimo indicated that PARC had submitted a request for proposal ("RFP") to three contractors, asking for costs to create site plans for and construction of the BCA pools under both existing membership and universal access models. Responses to the RFP are due to be received by the BCA at the end of this month.

BCA Board July Meeting

The July BCA Board meeting will be held on the second Monday of the month, i.e., July 9, 2012, and not on July 2 as was originally designated.

Announcement of Board Liaisons to Committees

BCA Committee Board Member
Activities Committee Dick Guthrie
Architectural Review Board (ARB) Charlie Davis
Community Character Joan O'Hanley
Crime Prevention  
Finance Frances Hillman
Marketing Jack Bettin
Master Plan Oversight Committee (MPOC) Joan O'Hanley
Natural Resources Frances Hillman
Neighborhood Residents Council (NRC) Joyce Rowe
Parks, Amenities & Recreation (PARC) Joyce Rowe
Brandermill History Project Dick Guthrie

Community Update on Board of Director Meeting with County/State Reps President Guthrie stated that this last meeting probably had the largest number of County and State attendees. In particular, he welcomed School Board representative Dianne Smith and recommitted to Brandermill's work with Chesterfield public schools. Other topics of discussion included (1) Brandermill Inn and the County's cost of $160,000 to have the building taken down once it is deemed a blighted property, (2) County's $800,000 commitment to maintain pedestrian tunnels and improve drainage, (3) maintenance of roads and the new Powhite extension, (4) adding sidewalks along Genito and Old Hundred Roads (thank you, John Hughes, for initiating this project years ago), and (5) VDOT's participation in identifying roads within Brandermill that will be maintained in the next three years. This list of roads is to be released to residents on the BCA web site.

ADA - Pool Lifts

Due to the federal government's possible changes in ADA Pool compliance (deadline of January 2013), the BCA Board decided to revisit the addition of pool lifts to BCA pools in early fall, after the Department of Justice releases their technical assistance document (see page 24 of June 4, 2012 BCA Board Information Packet). Funding for these lifts have already been specified in the current year budget; delaying the installation of the pool lifts until this fall will enable the BCA to better ensure compliance with the latest federal regulations.

CCC Property Enhancement Recommendations

After last month's negative publicity about dilapidated houses in Brandermill, the BCA Board asked the CCC for its help in recommending ways the BCA can intervene more effectively with these troubled properties and to indicate best practices used by other HOA's (see pages 25-27 of June 4, 2012 BCA Board Information Packet). These suggestions will be discussed at the BCA Director's Strategic Workshop on June 23, 9:00 a.m., Harbor Pointe clubhouse.

Self-Help Policy

  • Director Livingston drafted a self-help policy (see pages 28-32 of June 4, 2012 BCA Board Information Packet), modeled on Woodlake's policy, that would allow the BCA to help rectify the exterior surroundings of abandoned and run-down properties that are causing a nuisance to neighborhoods. The policy would allow the BCA to use Association funds, in those rare cases, where the recalcitrant property owner does not fulfill his covenant obligations.
  • A cap of $1,500 per on-going event per property is mandated. Monies spent under this policy would be considered assessment fees and are collectible as with any assessment charges. Attorney fees are also recoverable under this scenario.
  • This policy will go into effect only after the normal covenant enforcement process (including hearing panel) has been implemented, and each affected property will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Manager Pritz indicated that work would be performed by contractors so that an invoice could be presented as to the monies spent.
  • Director Davis noted that implementation of this policy on affected properties is made on a subjective basis and questioned what objective criteria might be used to ensure fairness to all. Director Bettin agreed, stating that more details should be considered and direction given to the BCA staff before the policy is implemented. He also suggested Manager Pritz contact Woodlake about what objective criteria they might use before implementing their self-help policy.
  • Member Comments
    • When-Dee Morrison (Huntgate Woods) said she found the BCA Board's consideration of this policy to be extremely positive. It lets the residents know that their comments have been heard by the BCA Board.
    • Mark Smith (Cove Ridge) stated his appreciation for the BCA Board allowing members to comment on matters before they were to be voted upon.
    • Mamie McNeal (Planters Wood) said that she supported the intent of the policy as long as objective criteria was established. She acknowledged that the BCA Board had agreed to discuss the criteria at its July BCA Board meeting and said that she felt the residents would be appreciative of the Board's support of this policy.
    • Dennis Peterson (Winterberry) asked about how much money would be spent at each location. Director Livingston answered that each event would be capped at $1,500. President Guthrie responded that BCA staff would suggest how much monies would be initially needed to fund this project this year. With the current five properties under review, it is estimated that the project would need to be funded for about $15,000 this year.
    • Steve Russek (McTyre's Cove) asked if counsel had commented on this policy and if risk management (liability insurance) had been considered. President Guthrie replied that BCA counsel had reviewed the document.
    • Dianne Cardea (Winterberry), chair of the CCC, stated her committee supported this policy.
  • Director Rowe moved that the policy be adopted; Director Davis seconded the motion. The Board unanimously approved this policy.