Highlights of March 16, 2009 BCA Board Meeting*

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*Important Note: The below highlights are reported based on unofficial notes taken by NRC representatives who attended the above BCA meeting. Although we believe the above reporting is reliable and strive for accuracy, we cannot assure 100% accuracy.

Directors' Reports
  • With the sale of Brandermill Country Club (BCC) to Acumen, which owns nearby Birkdale Golf Club, Directors Friedel, Guthrie and McLenagan met with one of the club's new owners, Mike Hatch. Discussions were held on how the two groups could work effectively and collaboratively.
  • Director Epps reported that she and Director Rowe should have a shoreline buffer policy available for Board consideration and adoption shortly.

    She also reported that KPC Properties (aka The Boathouse) will file an appeal to Notice of Zoning Violation to Chesterfield County Case #08AN0246, which deals with additional parking requirements in Brandermill's Sunday Park area. Director Epps stated this case has been deferred until June 22, but residents who wish to provide new information on this case should submit that information by April 6.

    Director Epps who attended the March 16 Chesterfield County of Supervisors meeting recommended that residents view the videocast of that meeting, with emphasis on Dr. Mike Chandler's presentation and his delineation of differences between a comprehensive plan and a master plan.
  • Director McLenagan reported that Chesterfield County has begun road work on Brandermill thoroughfares (Brandermill Parkway, Millridge Parkway and Sandyridge Parkway). It is anticipated that most road work will be completed by the end of the summer. For more detail, please see page 17 of the February 2, 2009 Board information packet.

    Director McLenagan as chair of the Crime Prevention Committee reported that the committee's annual work plan is being finalized and will be submitted for BCA Board approval in the near future. The committee is planning a community-level "National Night Out" for August 1 and will coordinate this effort with Market Square businesses and property owners. If you are interested in serving on the Crime Prevention Committee, please contact John McLenagan, crimeprevention@brandermill.com.
  • Director Rowe shared that several residents have inquired about the Farmer's Market/Green Market event. She and Jennifer Strader are presently working to solicit vendors for this event. If you know of any vendors who may have interested, please contact Director Rowe, colonandjoyce@yahoo.com.
Community Manager's Report
  • Community Manager Pritz reported that we are 21 pool memberships ahead of this time last year, increasing our revenues by approximately $7,000. The Pool Committee, working with the Crime Prevention Committee, made the recommendation to install motion detection lighting around the North Beach pool and its parking lot. The BCA continues to seek a concessionaire for the pools.
  • It was reported that of the 41 marina rentals, five had paid in full and 36 had opted to pay quarterly. A new gate has been ordered for the marina, and the BCA Maintenance Department will be working on "low hanging fruit" maintenance issues at the marina.
  • Under President Bradner's directive, Community Manager Pritz and Maintenance Director John Barnard oversaw the clearing of snow from our main community roads during the last snow fall. It appears that we were the envy of some of our sister communities, as they continued to be snowed-in while we at Brandermill were able to maneuver from our cul-de-sacs. Thanks to all!
designforum Presentation

More of a Q&A session, designforum answered questions presented by the BCA Board. Although most comments were complimentary of their work, designforum was asked several tough questions, including topics about funding, universal pool access and covenant enforcement.

Old Hundred Road Corridor Study
  • In a more thorough review of the Old Hundred Road Corridor study, Board members concluded that several questions still needed to be answered. What traffic-generating assumptions were used? What criteria is needed to warrant stop lights? How far away is the community from reaching this criteria and how quickly will we meet stop light warrant conditions? The Board will seek answers from the county.
  • Director Guthrie suggested that we investigate the possibility of annexing the Cheatham property into Brandermill. This approach might enable Brandermill to work with Cheatham and Market Square property owners to create mutually beneficial land use and covenant enforcement policies.